The Words of the Boland Family

Our Master, how he has been hurt in his life, it is unbelievable!

Bert Boland
December 19, 1971
Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Teddy [Verheyen] and Naeran,

Our Master, how he has been hurt in his Life, it is unbelievable! Right now I am in a mood to understand a little bit of his deep sorrow. You know already how you feel when you have nobody, really to turn to! And, as soon as this fact is settled, people are turning even against you. Because you've got practice in witnessing to people in your direct environments (a Convent for example with walls around in and dwelled in by ten, fifteen guests) you don't witness to them because of this! Then Satan starts to exhaust you, accuse you until your body refuses to work and your throat to swallow. How much and intense deep our Master suffered in telling the Truth to the sweetest smiling humble persons so that they made "war" for the first time in their life! The pain he felt when Satan accused him always to make war instead of peace Satan beat Him tremendously, and He had to find out by Himself that Stan always want to be first -- and the suffering shouting people around Him didn't know they are a tool of God's enemy.

Now I understand more and more this is my real family which I belong to and that belongs to me. That, in spite of the ignorance of the people how much poison they smite in your basic elements of living, and how much they still have to suffer; the tree of Life has got the deepest roots of all the trees and your roots only become deeper in order to follow him.

This is my real family to which I write. Satan thinks he can steal this knowledge of us when he accuses us to be the War-makers of the New Age -- instead of Peace makers!

But, because of the law of "Karma" he's giving fruit to his self-destructive followers!

Well, we have all of us this exclamation of recognizing over and over again, but also: in a steep way of growing, Our Admired Principles! Without it there's neither life nor light that we will fight shoulder on shoulder to new battles as real frontiers.

In the Name of Our True Parents,
Bert Boland 

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