The Words of the Boland Family

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Our Master, how he has been hurt in his life, it is unbelievable! (Bert Boland - December 19, 1971)

I arrived in Teheran, Iran as a missionary at 9 o'clock Monday evening, March 6, 1972 -- True Parents arrived on April 14, 1972 (Norbert Boland - April 18, 1972 pdf)

My wife works with me together to build the Family in Iran (Norbert Boland - October 22, 1972 pdf)

We have translated the first chapter of the Divine Principle into Persian (Norbert and Rosi Boland - April 5, 1973 pdf)

The secret police are investigating our Iranian Family (Norbert and Rosi Boland - May 6, 1973 pdf)

After a long investigation, the police told us that we may stay in Iran (Norbert and Rosi Boland - July 1973 pdf)

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