The Words of the Yun Family

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Young Ho Yun is also known as Young Ho Yoon

The Way of Eternal Love (Yun Jung-un [Mrs. Chung Hwan Kwak] - June 2007)

Interview of Leong Rho Yun, President of UPF Korea (September 2013 - Dowon Building, Seoul, Korea)

An interview of Young Ho Yun, director of the Hyo Jeong Cultural Center (Seog Byung Kim - March 2017 pdf)

Announcement regarding Personnel Appointments - Young-Ho Yun appointed Secretary-General, FFWPU International Headquarters and Chairman of the Planning and Coordination Office, FFWPU International Headquarters (Sung Il Cho - March 20, 2017 pdf)

Launch the International Elders Roundtable for a Heavenly Unified World (Yun Jeong-ro - April 2023 pdf)

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