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One Family Under God - Hope - Harmony - Healing - Yeon Ah Choi Moon

Yukihiro Saito
May 27, 2007
Memphis, TN

Glory to God,

The Tennessee event was held at Greater Hope Baptist Church -- Family Life Center on Sunday (May 27) afternoon, presided over by Dr. Dannie D. Holmes. (Father Moon spoke at the church on a Sunday afternoon 6 years ago.)

More than 200 people gathered to listen to Godís messages. Especially, the Welcome Committee, which consisted of more than 30 women, was powerful. Twenty-six people were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace that day. In spite of many changes, Dr. Holmes as an emcee was stable and generous. His congregation was so supportive. His daughter prepared beautiful and heartfelt flower bouquets and corsages. Dr. Modeste, an Ambassador for Peace, read spiritual messages from Heaven.

It was a gathering of good men and women. Also, they sincerely listened to the substitute speaker for Mrs. Yeon Ah Choi Moon. At the end, Dr. Jangdhari, Ambassador for Peace, offered a beautiful prayer from an interdenominational and inter-religious perspective.

Then, we had a dinner meeting with Mrs. Yeon Ah Choi Moon. More than 30 people, including 5 pastor or ministersí couples, gathered to greet and talk with her. Archbishop Stallings introduced her with his clear explanation of the meaning of 50-state speaking tour. Mrs. Moon talked about the importance of women in peace making. She loved each participant a with warm heart. They enjoyed it a lot.


The meeting was very enjoyable. There was a great turnout. It seemed that all minds were focused on peace.
A Baptist pastor

The spirit of God was in full array. It was great to find ourselves in one accord. Thank you, Rev. Moon and family
Dr. Dannie D. Holmes
Greater Hope Baptist Church

Rev. Yukihiro Saito

P.S. I, personally, appreciate brothers and sisters for their cooperation and hard work. For us it was a good training in attendance and ownership.

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