The Words of the Kirkley Family

Letter To All Families From World CARP

Sophia Kirkley
July 24, 2007

Dear Families.

Dear Leaders and Families,

We are writing to inform all families about a tremendous opportunity for the youth of our movement. We would like to invite them to come to the United Nations for a four day leadership conference and participate in very important program called Youth Assembly at the United Nations, to be held on August 12-15th. We will have a chance to share the many wonderful things that our second generation are doing for peace, to fight aids, or the work we are doing in our communities and on campus's. The registration fee for this 4 day event is only $50 dollars!

This program is sponsored by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, where young leaders gather from around the world to learn about and create plans to address the UN Millennium Development Goals such as:

Working for peace
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Achieve universal primary education
Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

The director has personally invited our entire group of youth to join with the many international students who will attend. This is a wonderful opportunity for the UN to understand who we are and what we are doing by seeing the goodness and purity of our 2nd gen and hearing about what they are involved in. We explained to the Director about students in service, students in peace-building and students in faith-based initiatives such as Aids prevention and he was so inspired to hear this. Our goal is to bring 300 second generation.

We have received a special discount of just $50 for attendance for these four days, but we need to act fast and confirm by this Friday. This fee doesn't include food or room so we will try to set up accommodations for you with other blessed families in houses nearby or at 43rd street or elsewhere depending upon the response. This is a wonderful opportunity to unite as BCs and really support Hyun Jin Nim's vision. Lets come together with other world youth leaders and talk about what we can do as students as well as show the world and the UN how we are making a difference. They need what we have to give, so please come and share your brilliant minds and hearts before school starts again.

In order to confirm participation please contact Lelya Novruzova.

This program is available to second gen ages 18-26, but those who are older may also attend. Ages 16-17 have to attend with chaperone.


Sophia Kirkley
Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles
Director of Campus Activities and NY Youth Director

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