The Words of the Kirkley Family

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The Blessing -- A Personal Testimony (John Kirkley - September 1983)

Pentecost in Great Britain (John Harris Kirkley - April 1984)

Letter To All Families From World CARP (Sophia Kirkley - July 24, 2007)

4th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations (Sophia Kirkley - September 11, 2007)

CARP Attends Annual Youth Assembly - CARP carries GPF Spirit to the UN (Sophia Kirkley - August 9, 2008)

“Discovering God’s Hope for Me” CARP Winter Principle Training 2009 (Sophia Kirkley - December 8, 2008)

The Man Who Overcomes Comes with a New Name (John Kirkley - February 28, 2014 pdf)

Colorado Family Church: Homeschooling Co-op Invitation (G. Kirkley - August 6, 2020 pdf)

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