The Words of the Burgess Family

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Building Bridges Across Cultures: Bosnian Leader Embraces the AFP Vision (David Burgess - September 23, 2006)

FFWPU USA Personal Growth Committee Report 2014 (David Burgess - February 14, 2015 pdf)

A CARP University of Washington alumnus' testimony (David Burgess - December 29, 2016 pdf)

Project Phoenix unites generations of Unificationists from Washington DC area (David Burgess - March 5, 2017 pdf)

Project Phoenix (David Burgess and Jin Kwon Kim - March 9, 2017 pdf)

Seattle Family Church Seeks Candidates for Multiple Job Positions (David Burgess - June 6, 2018 pdf)

Project Phoenix in Stuttgart, Germany and Montreal, Canada Unites Generations (David Burgess - October 30, 2019 pdf)

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