The Words of the Kamono Family

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'Abduction and Confinement' No.1 Beyond Pain and Despair

Mamoru Kamono
Director, PR Department
September 1, 2009

1. Editor's Note

2. The History of Forced Renunciations by Abduction and Confinement

3. The Day Trip that Became a Ten-Year Nightmare

4. Abduction Leaves Lasting Trauma (Tomoko Shioya)

5. Confinement Tests Parental Bond (Yoko Omori)

6. Help Is Available

'Abduction and Confinement' No.2 - What Were the Police Doing?

Mamoru Kamono
Chief Officer, Public Relations
Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
October 15, 2009

1. Preface

2. Suing your own parents to end abduction (Tomoya and Rie Imari)

3. Abducted three times - Police involved in confinement (Soichiro Kobayashi)

4. Abduction and Confinement - Violation of Human Rights must be Forbidden (M. S. (Shizuoka))

5. Police tolerated confinement, twice (Michiyo Miyakoshi)

6. Diet member Hinokida made unprecedented hearings at the Diet

Abduction and Confinement' No. 3

Mamoru Kamono
Director, Public Relations Department
Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
January 30, 2010

1. Forward

2. Methodology employed by anti-UC groups

3. Unification Church Rescue and Rehabilitation, by Tamiya Taguchi - Chapter 4 Rescue Operation from the Unification Church, Specific Methods

4. Having been taunted by the opponents, the parents could reconcile with their daughter after realizing truth about the Unification Church

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