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What is the International Federation for World Peace (Dong Moon Joo - August 27, 1990)

Washington Times Aviation - Richard Perea's Lawyers Demand Douglas Dong Moo Joo Return Millions Of Dollars (November 18, 2009 pdf)

Former Washington Times Exec Douglas D. M. Joo Sued for $31 Million (Jordan Weissmann - January 15, 2010)

Dong Moo Joo -- New life for Washington Times (Keach Hagey - August 24, 2010)

Dong Moo Joo -- Rev. Sun Myung Moon said to be considering buying back Washington Times (Ian Shapira - August 25, 2010)

From Son to Sun, Reverend Moon to Buy Back Floundering Washington Times (Zeke Turner - August 25, 2010)

Washington Times sales price: $1 plus debt -- Douglas Joo (Washington Examiner - August 31, 2010)

Washington Times Sold For $1, Just Like Newsweek -- Douglas (Dong Moo) Joo (Paul Bedard - August 31, 2010)

Rev. Moon buying back Washington Times for $1 -- Douglas Joo (Michael Calderone - August 31, 2010)

Washington Times struggles amid divisions of family, ideology, finances - Dong Moo Joo (Ian Shapira - September 6, 2010)

Washington Times Aviation USA, L.L.C. and Times Aerospace International, L.L.C Plaintiffs, verses Douglas D. M. Joo, Defendant (September 30, 2010 pdf)

Inside the TWT's "Vigorous" Morning Meeting - Douglas Joo (Betsy Rothstein - November 2, 2010)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Buys Washington Times, Newspaper He Founded, for $1 - Douglas Joo (Anthony Palazzo - November 2, 2010)

Ailing Washington Times Sold to Founder for $1 -- Douglas Joo (Associated Press - November 2, 2010)

Moon and fired executives buy Washington Times for $1 -- Douglas Joo (Ian Shapira - November 3, 2010)

Times revamps design, expands coverage (Douglas D.M. Joo - March 20, 2011)

Newly Expanded Washington Times Launches Newsstand, Home Delivery (Douglas Dong Moo Joo - March 21, 2011)

The Bush Administration’s Secret Link to North Korea, Dong Moon (Douglass) Joo (Aram Roston and Tara McKelvey - February 7, 2012 pdf)

Washington Times Chairman Douglas Dong Moo Joo Abruptly Departs Paper For Reasons Unknown (Elizabeth Flock - October 13, 2012 pdf)

Dr. Douglas D. M. Joo resigned as Chairman of The Washington Times and Board of Directors (Thomas P. McDevitt - October 13, 2012 pdf)

Longtime Times executive Douglas D.M. Joo resigns, takes job in Korea - McDevitt to lead board; Beasley named president, CEO (David R. Sands - October 14, 2012 pdf)

ICUS XXIII - Earth’s Environmental Crisis and the Role of Science - Program (Douglas D.M. Joo - February 5, 2017 pdf)

Inheriting Heavenly Fortune and Enhancing the Country's Prosperity by Opening the Way for the Safe Settlement of the Era of a Heavenly Unified Korea (Jin-tae Joo - May 2019 pdf)

I must restore the heavenly Gyeong-in nation, the capital area of South Korea (Jin-tae Joo - October 15, 2020 pdf)

Strategy Presentations Heavenly Korea: Revival of the Seoul Metropolitan Area (Jin-tae Joo - January 8, 2021 pdf)

HJIFUS Job Openings-Research Director, Editor, Executive Assistant (Douglas Joo - May 31, 2021 pdf)

New Jersey Youth Ministry Hosts an Ocean Providence Education Festival (J. Joo - June 20, 2021 pdf)

With our Heavenly Parent this will be a celebration that strengthens everyone (Jin-tae Joo - July 2021 pdf)

Report on the Trip to Nabileque, Brazil Holy Ground (Jung Hae Joo - November 4, 2021 pdf)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Substantive Plan to Solve World Hunger (JungH Joo - December 17, 2021 pdf)

Thinking Of A Heavenly Unified Korea - The Concrete Vision Of A Unified Korea (Jin-tae Joo; Bo-goon Hwang; Yu Gyeong Deuk; Sang-jae Lee and Young-bae Park - January 2022 pdf)

One Million Rally for Korea: Unending praises to the True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind (Jin-tae Joo - February 13, 2022 pdf)

An Overview of ICUS, the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (Douglas D.M. Joo - May 2022 pdf)

Heavenly Korea: Subregion 1: On Starting the 40-day Special Dedication Period for the Victory of the 10th Anniversary of True Father's Seonghwa (Joo Jin-tae - July 3, 2022 pdf)

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