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Distributing True Father's Autobiography (Mitch Canak - November 19 2010)

Guide Book for the Distribution of Autobiography (Sarah Canak - June 8, 2011)

On the radio in Nevada - a testimony (Sarah Canak - April 25, 2012 pdf)

Unificationist opens Meditation and Reflection Rooms at University of NV, Reno (Sarah Canak - March 16, 2016 pdf)

Report on the European Cheon Il Guk Choir in Korea (Kazuha Canak - September 25, 2017 pdf)

Hyo Jeong Concert and Seminar at the Syrian Orthodox Church in Vienna, Austria (Kazuha Canak - October 21st, 2017 pdf)

Announcement of Personnel Appointment: Peter Zohrer, Elisabeth Cook, Kazua Canak, David and Patricia Earle (Michael Balcomb - November 3, 2017 pdf)

The 2nd Hyo Jeong Culture Contest & Festival in the Eastern European Region - Moscow, Russia (Kazuha Canak - December 17, 2017 pdf)

Recruiting 100 singers from our church for True Mother's Program in Vienna (Kazuha Canak - April 8, 2018 pdf)

UPDATES - Peace Starts With Me - Song and Dance Tutorials for the Vienna Festival (Kazuha Canak - April 16, 2018 pdf)

Invitation to True Parents' Hyojeong Culture and Arts Youth Camp in Korea (Kazuha Canak - June 8, 2018 pdf)

UPF Düsseldorf, Germany's UN International Day of Peace 2018 Peace Concert (Kazuha Canak - September 21, 2018 pdf)

UPF and Hyo Jeong Department's Japanese Cultural Afternoon in Dusseldorf (Kazuha Canak - November 10, 2018 pdf)

First European Unificationist Songwriting Workshop held in Düsseldorf, Germany (Kazuha Canak - November 25, 2018 pdf)

European Hyo Jeong Culture Newsletter - December Greetings (Kazuha Canak - December 6, 2018 pdf)

The success of Hyo Jeong Cultural Festival at German HARP Winter Workshop (Kazuha Canak - January 3, 2019 pdf)

Europe's Cranes Piano Quartet (Kazuha Canak - March 7, 2019 pdf)

Choral Project to promote the Reunification of North and South Korea (Kazuha Canak - March 8, 2019 pdf)

EUME HJ Arts and Culture Department - Register for CREATE Songwriting WS (Kazuha Canak - March 14, 2019 pdf)

European Hyo Jeong Culture Newsletter: April updates (Kazuha Canak - April 3, 2019 pdf)

Hyo Jeong Culture: Sing Along Song Contest (Kazuha Canak - April 17, 2019 pdf)

True Parents' 2019 Summer Hyojeong Culture and Arts Youth Camp (Kazuha Canak - May 13, 2019 pdf)

May updates from the Europe - Middle East Hyojeong Culture Department (Kazuha Canak - May 14, 2019 pdf)

The Eleven Winning Entries of the Third Cheon Il Guk Holy Song Competition (David Eaton - May 15, 2019 pdf)

European Hyo Jeong Culture Newsletter: June updates (Kazuha Canak - June 7, 2019 pdf)

EUME Hyojeong Arts and Culture Department's CREATE – Filmmaking Workshop (Kazuha Canak - June 7, 2019 pdf)

4th Annual Cheon Il Guk Holy Song Composition Contest for 2020 (Kazuha Canak - June 7, 2019 pdf)

Recording 21 Holy Songs (backing tracks) in Hurlach, South Germany (Kazuha Canak - November 7, 2019 pdf)

True Parents' 2020 Winter Hyojeong Culture and Arts Youth Camp in commemoration of True Parents' Centenary and 60th Holy Wedding Anniversary (Kazuha Canak - November 19, 2019 pdf)

November updates from the Hyojeong Culture Department (Kazuha Canak - November 24, 2019 pdf)

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