The Words of the Ben-Eleazar Family

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Looking for VIP to vote for Father's Nobel Peace Prize Nomination (Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar - January 1, 2011)

Let's share to the world the Religious Rights of Men and Women (Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar - February 10, 2011)

"All depends from the woman" (Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar - March 12, 2010)

Parallels among Jewish feast of Purim and the Testimony of True Parents (Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar - March 18, 2011)

Yoman Sheggel Magazine for December 2013 (Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar pdf)

Reject to Apology of War in name of Reverend Sun Myung Moon (Richard Gamboa Ben-Eleazar - June 4, 2017 pdf)

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