The Words of the Pique Family

HARP Report Spain

David Pique
January 2006

Greetings from Spain

With Spanish HARP I can truthfully say that we are working hard on it, all together. We all have a strong desire to ``check´´ Spain and be active.

We have already started fundraising activities, in the last one, four brothers took a van, product and spirit, and we went to Andorra (MFT style) to fundraise for 4 days. The purpose was to lay a good internal and financial foundation for HARP 05/06. Four days was enough to make 1000 euros after expenses. With this money we intend to send money to all the HARPies around Spain so they can come and join in the activities.

This month has been quite successful in Spain. From last month we began a fundraising project for children in Africa. One of the eldest in our church came to our meeting and gave a short introduction about it which inspired everyone. This organization in Africa belongs to our church therefore we feel glad that we can support homeless children and True Parents at the same time. Now we are halfway to reach our goal for Christmas. HARP is also working in Service for Peace, organizing projects in orphanages and residential homes.

Something that is going very well about harp in Spain is that, HARP, is officially legal. I mean that harp is an association for students (not necessarily religious.) So far we are working in solitary activities and moral education about family values. So in fact harp has become in an NGO made by young people and led by young people. This was our highest achievement.

There are two workshops coming up soon in Spain. The first one is a weekend workshop for Spain and Portugal. And the second is for Christmas, with a service for peace in a hospital and a very meaningful pure love ceremony.

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