The Words of the Pique Family

Reflections from the European Leaders Meeting 2005 - Rome, Italy - Second Generation Members

Juan Piqué
February 24-27, 2005

When I was first invited to take part in the European Leaders meeting I gladly accept the offer, despite not knowing what it would be like. Of course, as anybody would expect, the meeting was full of long sessions and plenty of different presentations that went on from six in the morning until ten in the evening.

It was a good opportunity to learn about the different kinds of activities and how they are being developed in some countries. I feel my understanding and awareness of our movement in Europe could broaden as the meeting went by. It definitely augmented my desire to learn to take part in some of the different fields we are currently working on. I presume this was fostered by the fact that, everyone was willing to support us to do so.

Honestly, I feel, having just arrived from Italy, there are many things I still need to digest. What I have learned in this meeting will probably have an influence in my involvement in a short and mid-future.

Finally, I would like make a remark about the great investment Pres. Song and the rest of our European leaders are doing in order to develop OUR movement in Europe. I believe it is very clear for them what True Parents' goal is: establish Cheong Il Guk. Even though it is not always easy to have a complete understanding of True Father's vision, every one is working very hard to make it happen.

I would like to conclude by expressing my gratitude for being given the opportunity to attend the meeting.

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