The Words of the Pique Family

Matching Testimony

Dolores Piqué
January 2004

First of all we talked with our son to know his opinion, but he said as True Parents gave us, the parents, the authority to match, he trusted us. He told us that he would accept anything we decide. This kind of attitude made us feel completely happy.

We looked at the matching candidates list and when my husband saw Rita he said that she was a suitable sister but I was not sure at all. I was a little bit frightened of making a wrong decision, that's why I told him to wait and to make a condition. I decided to pray and fast so that Heavenly Father would lead us to the right person, no matter what nationality she is. We didn't want to choice a person by her physical aspects, the only important thing for us was, that she would be a faithful person with a big heart and also that she could help my son to carry on with his mission here in Spain as responsible second generation or any other mission that he will have.

Some days later and after finishing my condition I was looking for something to read in the internet and Rita's testimony about her experiences appeared to me. I began to read her words and I realised, that she had a big loving heart and that she was a person, who worries about other people. I felt so moved that in that moment I knew she was the daughter I would like to have in my family. Since that moment I've never had any doubt about it.

When we told this to our son he was filled with happiness about our decision.

After talking with Rita's mother we decided to meet in Poland. Coincidentally we were there at the same time that Dae Mo Nim arrived.

When I saw Rita for the first time I felt as if I knew her all my life.

Both, my husband and I felt that Heavenly Father had been preparing all this.

I would like to transmit to the parents that are in the same situation as we were, that they don't have to be worried. It is important to lay conditions and to leave everything in God's hands. He knows our children better than we do and He knows what they need. We are just His instruments.

Now we are really very happy and have more confidence for the next matchings of our two sons and our daughter.

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