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True Father -- You will never fail when you invest true love!

Bruno Klotz
August 10, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Parents:

True Father: "True love means that when it is easy to love, you love, and when it is difficult, you still love. This distinguishes true love from false love." [1]

True love never stops because it is only interested in investing, investing and investing again. And then it forgets what was invested, and it invests again, not worried about what the response is, not worried about what comes back or if anything comes back. That is why it never ends, even when it comes to loving "unlovable" people. It still keeps going.

Someone might say: "Well, I have unconditionally loved an unlovable person. That person was always unkind to me, and I responded with kindness every time I met this person. And that is happening now over a period of 3 months. But this person is still the same. So what is the point to keep going?"

The person who speaks like that is not really practicing true love. Otherwise he or she would not speak like that, being worried about the other person changing, which means worried about the outcome, the return. Even if the other person does not change, something has happened anyway. We ourselves have grown in heart and are on the way of becoming central people of love, people in the image of God. And that is an incredible result:

True Father: "If you give expecting something in return, you are not a real owner of love. If you give and then forget how much you gave, you can be a central person of love." [2]

True Father: "If you are ready to receive nothing in return then you become like God, because God is always giving out love with His whole being, getting nothing in return. That is the point where godliness starts." [3]

If we invest a heart of true love into "unlovable" people, respecting and embracing them with our heart, that does not guarantee that they will change. But we are gradually becoming God-like people as soon as we are ready to receive nothing in return while investing and forgetting.

Someone might say: "That is all too difficult for me. It is only something for a few saints. I am not such a person!"

We all have the full potential to become divine sons and daughters of God. And that is even more than becoming a saint. A divine son or daughter inherits the full quality of the love of God. And we all have this potential in our heart, if we believe it or not. It is there, in our heart. And if it is being activated or dormant, depends only on us.

Someone else might say: "What is the point of making all the effort to become a divine son or daughter? What does it benefit me? I might grow in heart, but otherwise nothing good comes out of it."

Growing in heart and love, becoming a divine son or daughter of God, is the beginning point of a true life, a meaningful life. And true happiness is in true life. God's blessings are attracted by true life:

True Father: "Happiness overflows in the person who has love. That person can achieve success in every area of life. On the other hand, no matter how seemingly great your life, if you cannot become a victor in the arena of love, you will end up a loser." [4]

Someone might say: "I have practiced true love for 4 months, but nothing came back. Why should I carry on?"

That person has not really practiced true love, otherwise he or she would not think of giving up. In reality this person is expecting something and becomes impatient because he or she cannot see any blessing coming.

A person of true love does not worry about blessings coming or not coming. This person wants to practice true love no matter what. This person's love is simply unchanging, not depending on circumstances. And this person knows from experience that the investment of true love never gets lost and always bears fruit, in one way or another, sooner or later, without fail:

True Father: "When you are living with this 100 percent commitment of true love, you don't have to worry or have ulcers. You can always have serenity and peace of mind, knowing that as you stay in the center, everything always comes back to you. You are the winner. "[1]

Everything comes back to us:

True Father: "You will never fail when you invest true love. The amount of true love you invest will multiply and develop. The more you set the power of true love in motion, the greater it will grow so that you can embrace the world, the universe and even God." [5]

True Father: "With true love there is nothing you cannot do, nothing you cannot make. You can love even your enemy. The power of true love is not to fight, not to force, but to win over someone naturally. There is no power stronger than this." [6]

True love is not something we might want to try and see how it works. That would be like saying: "I will to love you for 3 weeks and see how it works. And if I do not see positive changes, I will give up!" That would not be true love in the first place. And we cannot expect any great fruits coming from such an attitude.

The greatest fruits are coming at the moment we decide to become people of true love who expect nothing at all, who certainly do never give up on the way, and who simply want to invest, inherit the heart of God and establish the tradition of love.

We may first hesitate to consequently walk this road, but after a while we will not want to live any other life style anymore. We will get "addicted" to a life of true love:

True Father: "Once you come to know how great the power of true love is, you would go this way even if someone told you not to." [7]

We would not even give up where others would certainly lose hope:

True Father: "It does not matter how many times another deceives you or betrays your expectations. Do not give up because you will not lose. I was actually betrayed many times and know that I will continue to be betrayed, but I am secure in my way and I go on. I have never found that my position gets worse; instead it is always improving. That is the heavenly standard." [8]

That is indeed the heavenly standard. And True Parents are True Parents because they lived and live according to that standard, and we are requested to do that very same thing. And it should not take 100 years or more to get there:

True Father: "Heaven is where you embrace everyone. It should not take our whole life to accomplish. If you do it in 10 years, God will embrace you and say, "You are my child, I will serve you." [8]

And then certainly nothing can stand in our way, no matter what happens around us:

True Father: " Even when the entire world is thrown into confusion, if your love does not change, or if you choose the path of loving others for their sake, then you can always be in control of any situation. Nothing can stand in your way. " [9]

God and True Parents are waiting for such people, who keep investing heart and love no matter what, thus being like a rock in this chaotic world:

True Father: "You should know that heaven only wants a person who can love and embrace all the world with heart, heart, and more heart." [10]

Blessed are those who embrace everyone with their heart and love, thus establishing True Parents' tradition of love and creating the Kingdom of God.

Love from Bruno

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