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True Father: We must continually revolutionize ourselves!

Bruno Klotz
August 5, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Parents and Sun Jin Nim:

True Father: "The revolution of love will make possible the realization of the ideal for which God and all humankind have been waiting and hoping since the beginning of human history." [1]

Indeed, and there is no other way to establish the ideal world than this:

True Father: "All the difficult problems in the world now can be fundamentally solved only through the perfection of true love." [2]

True Mother: "What is the path that humankind should take today? In the end, the problems afflicting humanity can only be resolved through the logic of love..." [3]

Only through the perfection of true love can the ideal world come about.

Most, if not all, the conflicts in the world are based on resentment. Even whole ideologies are based on this. An example is communism. But that is not the only example in recent history and at the present time.

Spreading resentment is Satan's way of spreading evil in this world. It is his way to try to prevent God's Kingdom to come. It is his way to make sure he stays in power and control. Resentments and hatred give him power.

Thus it stands to reason that the spreading of something stronger will destroy ideologies based on resentment. And that can only be true love, a love that is God-like and therefore loves the enemy. Such love will indeed wipe out evil in this world. God needs a movement of people of such love:

True Father: "If you have such great love that you can love even your enemy, that power will melt everything. God needs a movement that can melt the wrong world down and change it into the right one." [4]

Such a movement does not fall from the sky. And it does not come from "activities" alone. Neither from worshiping God nor from praising True Parents. Not even prayer or big determination will be enough to create such a movement. What then is necessary?

True Father: "We must become perfected individuals who match the standard of original, perfected individuality. To do this, we must continually revolutionize ourselves...." [5]

As we revolutionize our hearts and love towards maturity or perfection, the movement that God urgently needs will come about. So we need to stop thinking in limited ways and revolutionize ourselves:

True Father: "You can revolutionize yourself and stop being a person who draws a line." [6]

True Father: "It is a most important matter how much an individual who lives a life of faith can have an ever-increasing love and power of life." [7]

True Father wants us to grow in love all the time, revolutionizing our heart. So that we grow closer and closer to perfecting our hearts, never stagnating:

True Father: "Even though you have [know] the ideal you must live it in order to make yourself the dwelling place of God. If you never make yourself a magnet with the pulling power of God's love, of course you will become weakened." [8]

Teaching theory alone will not do it, but striving to become a person with the heart of God inside ourselves will certainly make the whole difference and bring about the world of peace, the world of the heart:

True Mother: "I pray that FFWPU members and all Blessed Families come to possess an explosive love which can embrace and love the entire world. " [9]

The entire world, including good and evil of course.

True Father: "I pray that all blessed couples in the world may become the True Husband and True Wife, and that this may radiate throughout the whole world. I pray that all traditions from heaven may be inherited and True Kings and True Queens can emerge." [10]

To become True Kings and True Queens means to become True Parents ourselves. The more we get there, the more God has a movement that cannot only melt down all evil, all resentment and hatred, but also establish the world of the heart.

To get there we have to continuously go forward in heart:

True Mother: "I also asked the FFWPU family to advance continuously, to broaden your minds and hearts, and to build the ideal world." [9]

Advance continuously! In heart and love.

We need to make the development of our heart the most important goal in our life. We need to figure out where our limitations are, and then overcome them. If for example someone hurts us, and we become so angry that we react in the same way, then we know that there is a serious limitation of our heart that needs to be overcome as fast as possible. That means we need to prepare ourselves for the next similar situation. We need to realize that hitting back is not the way of true love. True love wants to invest, even into people that hurt us. True love always seeks to give love, no matter how people treat us.

As soon as we internalize this then we are prepared for the next time. And with this new mindset we might not even get angry at another person who offends us. We might be able to respond based on the desire to give love.

But if we fall into the same trap again, then we need to wait for the next similar situation where we can win over our limitation. And when we have finally managed this, then we know that we have certainly grown. The other person may not change, but the important thing is that we ourselves have grown.

Our constant goal should be to break down all our limitations of heart and love. Those barriers normally become visible in difficult relationships. The best way to overcome them is this:

True Father: "Don't look at things selfishly, but with a desire to give love. Look upon a person who hates you with love... Pull out your old vision and replace it with "new eyeballs" of true love." [11]

If we manage to NOT worry about how someone treats us, but see it as a good opportunity to practice true love and to grow in heart, then we will be always able to look at another person with love in our heart and respond accordingly.

True love is not interested in changing other people, but rather to become a more loving person, more embracing, more understanding, more uplifting, more patient, more caring, more friendly, free from resentment. Trying to change others is only distracting us from our own path of growth. But loving others more, even those that hurt us, will make us grow.

All this is a learning process, and it takes time and practice:

Sun Jin Nim: ""Just because someone joins, works as a missionary, and gets blessed and has a family, it doesn't mean that perfection is readily achieved. Is any great achievement easily achieved? No, it takes practice, practice, practice. We must apply the Principle with sincerity in every single conscious moment of our lives, as individuals and as families. Only in this way, can we function at a world-class level. Only in this way will it be possible for all 7 billion people of the world to come to understand True Parents' teachings." [12]

By constantly growing in heart we come to more and more embody God and True Parents. And that is what will make the big difference. Only that can change the world. If it WILL change the world depends on each one of us.

Love from Bruno

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