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True Father: Think highly of a life armed with heart! Those who have more heart than me are Abels to me

Bruno Klotz
July 21, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration, based on the words of True Parents:

True Father: "When you give yourself totally for the sake of Cain, then they will be moved and inspired by heart to naturally follow you, respect you and lead other people to you. Unless you have a true Cain you are not a true Abel. A true Cain is one who voluntarily comes forward and treats you as an elder brother/sister, not by force by his choice." [1]

We are "Abel" to someone when we can move the heart of that person by our heart and love, by our personality.

True Father: "Think highly of a life armed with heart. Those who have more heart than me are Abels to me." [2]

"Abel" is the one who has more heart and love than others and moves others by his/her loving personality in such a way that they WANT to be with him/her, want to learn from him/her, want to support him/her and lead others to him/her.

"Abel" is not the one who THINKS he is Abel and has the concept that others therefore HAVE TO "follow" him/her. Such a person creates problems for God and True Parents:

True Father: "Even our missionaries in the field may have a wrong concept. One of the major reasons that our foreign missions have not improved or really developed is because of this wrong concept and attitude – thinking that your people have to follow and respect you." [1]

"Abel" is not the one that others HAVE TO "follow", but rather WANT to. If we do not inspire others by our heart, but still demand from them to "follow" us because we think we are "Abel" [for this or that reason] then God cannot bless that. He cannot bless such an attitude. Because that is not the way to build the Kingdom:

True Mother: "If you practice the principle of being humble when dealing with others, people will come to you – in fact, they will flock to you! If you emphasize your pride and position they will leave you and not respect you.”

God's Kingdom comes based on heart and love, on winning people by our loving heart, not by pressure, demands or the like:

True Father: "I never go out and say, "I am Abel, so you must serve me." There is no such phrase in the history of restoration. God doesn't want that." [1]

Such a phrase simply does not work. It rather puts people off. When we think of Jacob, he never demanded from Esau to "follow" him. Rather he won his heart and moved him. That is what God wanted to see, because that is the only way God can win people back to Him. It does not work by force, but by winning the hearts, by humility:

True Father: "This is the law of recreation -- simply to win the heart of people."

True Father: "Restoration is achieved by melting people’s hearts with love." [9]

The way of God is the way of winning the hearts, by our heart and love. This is the way to progress on the way to establish the Kingdom:

True Father: "We must restore this nation by love. Even though other Christians have treated us as their enemies, we must love them more than anyone ever has. Eventually that love will win out. “ [3]

We can certainly not go to the Christian world telling them they have to "follow" us because we "have the truth" or whatever. We can only win them over by loving them unconditionally, by BEING the truth, BEING the love, not just by talking theory and then demanding that they "follow". That simply puts everyone off. It never works, in whatever situation we may be in.

We rather have to become the embodiment of true love. Everyone will notice that and be attracted:

True Mother: "You should show them [the people of the world] what kind of person you are and tell them you became what you are because of True Parents, and encourage them to join you. That is what True Parents meant by starting a true love movement. It is about living for the sake of others...." [4]

It is all about loving people the way God does. That is what will not only move people, but also the providence:

True Mother: "Cheon Il Guk leaders who have gathered here, your scope and influence must be magnified. Become a leader who can touch the consciousness and move the heart of those who live in this age." [5]

No matter if we are "leader" or not, we all are called to move the heart of the people, by showing them God and True Parents. How? By showing them pictures? No, by truly representing them in substance and heart:

True Father: "You should not represent me in name only, but in responsibility and heart." [6]

True Father: "Each of you should be an individual through whom the True Parents are shown to others." [7]

The more we become such people, the faster the Kingdom will come. It all depends on how fast we revolutionize ourselves in the field of love and heart. It all depends on how much we strive to develop our heart to become True Parents ourselves, with our heart being on the level of God's heart. That is what really matters. Then everything else will fall into place.

True Father: "When your standard of heart is the same as God's, all problems will be solved." [10]

True Father: " Once you reach the divine mind within you and come back out to the world, you will find that God is already before you; thus nothing will be able to disconnect you or overcome you.” [11]

Reaching and developing our divine mind, the divinity in our heart, is a pioneering path, the greatest of all:

True Father: "To pioneer heavenly heart is the path of those who walk the path of paths." [12]

Love from Bruno

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