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True Father: Once you have true love, even God will follow you!

Bruno Klotz
May 14, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Father:

True Father: "We are the very center of the universe, but we have to recover that most precious central point. The path to recovering that position is not by money, knowledge or power. It is by nothing other than true love." [1]

Only true love can make us the centers of the universe, nothing else can do it:

True Father: "Those who live with the love of God inside their hearts are sons or daughters of God. These are the central figures of the whole universe who can govern heaven and earth. Love is the essential element enabling people to attain this position." [2]

True Father: "Once we possess true love, it makes us the centers and the owners of the universe. True love is the root of God." [3]

We become the centers of the universe if we develop a heart that resembles the heart of God. And then even God wants to follow us, be united with us:

True Father: "Whenever someone is fulfilling love, the entire universe comes under that person and will follow him. Even God feels the desire to be united with such a person." [4]

And that means that also heavenly fortune, heavenly blessing, will follow us:

True Father: "When we sacrifice everything for the sake of absolute love, we can control God, the satanic world, and heavenly fortune. What do I mean by control? It means that God will follow us. God, this world and heavenly fortune will follow us." [5]

We need to practice the way of life of God in order to make that happen. We need to live a life of divine love:

True Father: "The more you practice the way of life of God, the more you resemble God, the more you become God-like. When you live God's way of life, you will emerge as a leader in your own world. You will become the central figure, just as God is the central figure of the entire universe." [6]

That is our destination. By developing divine love we will reach that destination, because divine love has supreme value:

True Father: "Love holds supreme value. Once you have true love, even God will follow you, the world will follow you, everyone will follow you." [7]

To get there, we need to constantly invest love in a God-like way:

True Father: "The person who invests love continuously without expecting a direct return becomes a central being, the one who inherits everything, and the person of greatest filial piety." [8]

As soon as we expect something in return, we are not on the way of true love. That would not be the standard for perfection:

True Father: "For what purpose did God create us? He created us and established the standard for our perfection based on love. Hence, love is the standard. In other words, becoming a perfect person is based on God's love, not on our ability or level of leadership. Once we become a perfect person centering on God's love, we can unite with God in love, play with Him and enjoy everything together with Him forever. The perfect person, the one who meets the highest standard of God's desire, is the person who is one with God in love." [9]

As we perfect our love we become the substantial self of God, the visible God:

True Father: "We must become more than someone whom God can relate to as only His object partner. By adhering to the laws of creation, we must become His substantial self." [10]

We become a small God on the earth:

True Father: "In love you become a small God here on earth, so when you go to spirit world you have complete freedom to dwell in the realm of love God has been creating from the start." [11]

And in love there is blessing and complete victory:

True Father: "Only love can bring the complete victory. Where there is love, there is eternal victory and the possibility to build the eternal kingdom of heaven. In the presence of love, everything is liberated. This is where I am heading." [12]

And that is where all of us are supposed to head as well, and then we can move the world:

True Father: "When you invest beyond your limits and even your life, the power of true love generates ten thousand times more energy. You will never fail when you invest true love. The amount of true love you invest will multiply and develop. The more you set the power of true love in motion, the greater it will grow so that you can embrace the world, the universe and even God." [13]

Love from Bruno

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