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True Mother: True Parents paved the path for us to achieve individual perfection

Bruno Klotz
March 9, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "I want you to become subject and out of your own desire take the initiative with no one forcing you to do anything... I never want to feel that you are just following my instructions but rather that you have really perfected yourself in the image of God on your own initiative." [1]

Real owners of Cheon Il Guk do not need to be told what to do or pushed or pulled by someone else. They take initiative out of their own desire instead of being like a crowd that only moves reluctantly or passively:

True Father: "You must not be like a crowd which only moves when it is pulled by someone. Once you know the will, you must pioneer your own path, asking God to give you purposes which center upon the will." [2]

True Parents want us to be pioneers, just as they are pioneers. Pioneers are people that move into realms that they have not experienced before, and they do out of their own desire and initiative.

Most of all, True Parents want us to pioneer heart, so that we perfect ourselves in the image of God, which means that God's heart becomes our heart and God's way of loving becomes our way of loving. Going forward on that road is the most important pioneering of all:

True Father: "To pioneer heavenly heart is the path of those who walk the path of paths." [3]

God and True Parents want us to be on the path of paths, as they also went that path and are still walking it, and always will. On that path we will come across obstacles, and as we overcome all those obstacles with the heart of divine love, we reach higher and higher levels of heart all the time. True Father did that as well:

True Father: "You may take it for granted that I will overcome all persecution, yet thousands, even millions of people have prayed for [to] God to destroy me. The only way I could surmount that was to penetrate deep into the love of God and act accordingly." [4]

By "penetrating" deep into the love of God, True Parents overcame and overcome all obstacles with divine love. Penetrating into the love of God means to love the way God does. This is what True Parents always did and do and that is their legacy and this is what they want all of us to inherit:

True Mother: "True Parents paved the path for us to be able to restore ourselves and achieve individual perfection. [5]

To reach individual perfection we most certainly need a lot of knowledge about love. This knowledge is the most important knowledge of all:

True Father: "The only thing that matters is the omnipotent love of God. Truly the only knowledge we need is knowledge about love." [6]

We get this knowledge by constantly exercising our hearts in daily life with everyone we encounter.

And also, by constantly asking the giants of divine love for education of heart. Without us asking them, they cannot help us:

Heung Jin Nim: " I know how you pray to be able to understand love... I am here and as you open up your heart... to me then I can be able to speak to you deeply and as I speak to you deeply you can be transformed. And..... then you will be able to realize deeper and deeper levels of love and you will be able to understand True Parents as a true son and as true daughter." [7]

Of course, also True Father and Jesus want to educate our heart. They all want us inherit their level of heart. They all want us to live with the love of God in our heart and thus reach the highest fulfillment in life:

True Father: "The king [queen] of happiness is the one who is living with the love of God. At that point, he/she couldn't care less about worldly knowledge, power and authority or money. The only thing that matters is the omnipotent love of God." [6]

Love from Bruno

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