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True Father: Your spiritual power comes from being one with Heavenly Father

Bruno Klotz
November 21, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters! Happy True Children's Day!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "God is streaming into the very cells of your body. How can you not feel close to Him, knowing that He will be with you 24 hours a day, just as long as you work publicly? We must know that God is not a concept; He is not anything less than love itself. All He wants is to make us the perfect objects to Him as the perfect subject." [1]

God is certainly not just a concept or theory. Therefore the unity with God that we are talking about is not just a concept or theory either. This unity with God must become real. It must be experienced in our life, increasingly:

True Father: "Your spiritual power comes from being one with Heavenly Father. That means unity as a living reality, not just as a concept." [2]

What does it mean to be one with God? It means to be the perfect object to God. And that means to be divine as God is divine. It means to have inherited the heart and love of God, it means to be the living word. It means to be filled with the divine spirit:

True Mother: "If we are filled with the divine spirit and truth and lead a life of constant prayer and gratitude for all things, we will be able to hear the voice of our Heavenly Parent, which will sweep through our entire being." [3]

We might think all this is too much, too high for us. We might think that this is only something that the True Parents can reach.

But True Parents came into this world to enable the whole world to reach these levels of heart and love. Otherwise there could never be the Kingdom of God. God's original ideal could never be fulfilled, if we all stay on the present levels and hardly advance in heart:

True Father: "With the Principle or by the Principle, my mission is to make new hearts, new persons." [4]

The mission of True Parents is to make all of us new people with new hearts. But this involves our own 5% responsibility. We may have True Parents around us for a long time, but that does not automatically make us perfect.

They may have given us the Blessing, but that is no guarantee for perfection of heart. The Blessing is an important mile stone, but it is not the end. We still are requested to become one with God in heart and substance. And that is something that only we ourselves can do. No one, not God, not True Parents, can do this for us. We ourselves have to do it.

And we can only do it if we realize that we have the potential for perfection of love in our heart. If we do not believe in it, then we have blocked our road to perfection from the start. Then we would be wasting our life.

True Mother: "The path to become true children… is most of all to experience Father's heart, understand Father's heart and then make Father's heart your own heart." [5]

Very true indeed! We ourselves need to make True Parents' heart our own. That is the way to not only become True Children of True Parents, but True Parents ourselves.

True Father: "All of Jesus' words have one basic teaching: love is of the utmost value. That is why Jesus' teaching was so meaningful and had such historical impact. Love is also what you are learning from me. Do you understand?" [1]

True Parents want us to learn divine love from them. That does not work by just adoring, celebrating and praising them. That works only if we make effort to understand their heart and make it our own. That is the only way:

True Father: "You should rather have the living tradition of your teacher than celebrate his birthday." [6]

And this living tradition is, of course, all about heart and love:

True Father: "The Unification Church is the church of vibration, the vibration of true love. You did not come here for the sole purpose of singing "Happy Birthday" to True Parents. I don't want you to come for that. I want you to become somebody. Become a Moonie of true love vibration." [7]

What True Parents want is that we increasingly inherit their loving heart for God and the people of the world, their heart of unchanging and unconditional love:

True Mother: "We should live a life of absolute true love. True love is a love by which we continuously live for others, investing in others and forgetting we have done so." [8]

The more we do that the more we are perfecting ourselves, becoming the perfect objects to God, the perfect subject.

To get there we need to grow fast and focus on it:

True Father: "Your gradient of influence and power is based on how much you are growing. Ultimately you will become like the original center, like a sun which generates energy rather than the moon which reflects energy. By practicing this you can come to fully understand my situation and God's loving heart. Only then can we have oneness and common pride between us. There is only one main stream, and it is connected to this way of life." [9]

As we grow in love and heart, we can more and more understand True Parents' heart, inherit their heart and make it our own. The more we do that, the more we are living a true life. The more we do that, the more we experience God and become happy people, making God happy, who then can stream into all the cells of our body and "sweep through our entire being."

True Father: "... let us win first place in the marathon race of love. How wonderful it is to have love forever! Those who are determined this morning to become the perfect object to God, raise your hands. God bless you." [1]

Aju! Mansei!

Love from Bruno

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