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True Father: Even if we are rejected, we should love more

Bruno Klotz
November 4, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "The person who ignores the value of each and every moment to love, will lose what is truly precious." [1]

All the time we encounter all kinds of people. Those are the moments we can practice to treat these people with divine love. These are the moments we can invest our heart and love, no matter if these people "deserve" it or not. We can basically exercise our heart all the time, 24/7. That way our love, our divinity, grows and grows, non stop:

True Father: "The more you invest, the more true love grows. Therefore we should model ourselves upon God. Even if we are rejected, we should love more. Even if we invested everything we have, we should continue to invest until we can make our enemy voluntarily surrender. Heavenly Father walked such a path and the Parents of Heaven and Earth have walked such a path." [2]

And certainly we need to walk such a path of unconditional and unchanging love as well! How do we do that? Father explains it:

True Father: "Always maintain the heart of a father [mother] and take the attitude of a servant, and no spirit can harm or misuse you. He cannot make you a victim because you have the proper thoughts. Keep your relationship above that of brothers [sisters] in which the controversy of Cain and Abel can develop. The parent's heart is above this and is in the sight of God, and is therefore safe."

Heart of parents, body of a servant!

As long as we look at people with the heart of parents, we are "safe", which means we will not have conflicts with other people. The "proper thoughts" that Father mentions here are thoughts of true love. As long as we look at people with the heart of parents, with the heart to give divine love, our heart will grow, because we are exercising it. The heart of parents requires that we always try to be a blessing to everyone we come across, no matter who that may be. This blessing can be as small as just a smile. But for some people that may mean a lot.

True Parents are incredibly concerned about our growth of heart:

True Father: "I pray that all blessed couples in the world may become the True Husband and True Wife, and that this may radiate throughout the whole world. I pray that all traditions from heaven may be inherited and True Kings and True Queens can emerge." [3]

True Kings and True Queens of divine love!

True Mother: "Please become sons and daughters that resemble True Parents and realize their hopes. This is the way to give blessings to our descendants in the future." [4]

True Parents want us to reach their level of heart. That is our first responsibility:

True Father: "To become God's children, our first responsibility is to resemble Him. We need to embody true love." [5]

If we do that we become like True Father, we become True Parents ourselves:

True Father: "Here about four hundred people are gathered in this room. This is a great many, in a way, because if each one of you goes out into the world and practices God's unselfish giving, [God's] love and way of life, then you will be like me. The multitude of the people of the world will be pulled towards you. You are the magnet. You pull the people." [6]

Also our beloved elder brother Heung Jin Nim is highly concerned about our growth of heart:

Heung Jin Nim: "What I am interested in is to see you transformed, I want you to be reborn. We are called Unification, meaning one, yet we are very broken up. We do not know love ourselves. How can we teach, how can we teach others to love? We must love, we must learn to love." [7]

Indeed! And Heung Jin Nim, just as True Parents, knows that our days are numbered and our time on earth is short. He desires so much that we use our time wisely, that we use our time to learn to love, to truly love:

Heung Jin Nim: "Do not waste time. Use time wisely. Your days on earth are surely numbered. Do you want to stay at the same level for the rest of your life? A lot of people waste their time because they do not understand God and they do not want to live according to God's standard. But you should not waste even a second. Use every second you have. When that second has ticked by, you have to be able to say you have grown a bit more."[8]

In order to use our time wisely, we need to constantly break down the limitations around our heart, constantly stretch our heart, constantly:

True Mother: "Let us constantly strive to spread true love. Let us sow the seeds of true love throughout our lives." [9]

Yes, constantly! If we do that we will be the richest people in the whole world:

True Father: "You must love so much that the universe will be filled with your love and you will reap the fruit of all the seeds of love which you sowed. Then will you be rich or not?" [10]

Indeed! And God, True Parents and we ourselves will be so inspired:

True Father: "In the spirit world when you enter the place where the bell of love rings in your heart, the light of your heart will grow steadily. This light will shine brilliantly in all the five colors. In God's eyes, it will look brighter and more beautiful than a diamond." [11]

Love from Bruno

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