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True Father: The purpose of life is to occupy the love of God

Bruno Klotz
June 26, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family: True Father: "To enter Heaven, we must be one with the true love of God and True Parents." [1] To be one with the love of God and True Parents means, of course, to be able to love like them. It means to strive to develop our heart to the level of God and True Parents. The more we do this, the more we create the Kingdom of God in our own heart:

True Father: "Please allow us to understand that unless we achieve the Heavenly Kingdom of the heart and of peace in ourselves, the glorious Heavenly Kingdom has nothing to do with us." [2]

The Glorious Kingdom of God has to start in our heart. The more we advance in love, the more the Kingdom of God emerges in our own heart. The more we advance in love, the more happy we become. We feel heaven more and more:

True Father: "The purpose of life of faith is to realize self -- perfection and feel infinite love, thereby enjoying infinite happiness." [3]

Obviously going towards perfection of love means to increase our happiness.

True Father: "Therefore the true measure of your happiness is whether you are close to the central standard of true love. Happiness or unhappiness cannot be determined by how much money you have, but only by the purity with which you exercise true love." [4]

Our happiness depends on the quality of our love. Why? Here is the answer:

True Father: "The purpose of life is to occupy the love of God. If you do not occupy the love of God, even if you think you have achieved all your hopes, you have not achieved anything. Although you may be very happy, that happiness cannot become eternal happiness." [5]

Occupying the love of God, raising our love to the level of God's love, is the purpose of our life. Therefore it stands to reason that if our happiness is not rooted in the practice of divine love, that it cannot last. It is at best superficial. It is built on sand. Surely it does not create the Kingdom of God in our heart.

That is why all that really matters is the quality of our love, how much our love is on the level and in line with God's love:

True Father: "You must realize this: whether a family is rich or poor has no bearing upon the quality of their love. Don't worry about your family's wealth; only center upon your family's wealth of love. How rich is your love? That is all that really matters." [6]

How rich is our love? What is the quality of our love? That is the crucial thing.

Heung Jin Nim: "By investing your heart in people... completely to the limit, your heart is growing, you're learning. I know it's difficult to believe this. It's difficult to understand it that this really could be the foundation for the victory. But all the organization that you're doing now can be based on heart, can be successful and can be done once the heart is in the right place. Trust that. If you don't have the right heart first, all the organization in the world won't make any difference. The heart is the most important thing, the heart." [7]

Our main concern in life must be to invest our heart into all kinds of people, embrace people with our heart, with love and warmth, with forgiveness, tolerance and encouragement. We need to express the loving heart of God to anyone we come across, even to those people that we rather would not see. And we need to do this without expecting anything in return, unconditionally. That brings us in line with the heart of God:

True Father: "If you are ready to receive nothing in return then you become like God, because God is always giving out love with His whole being, getting nothing in return. That's the point where godliness starts." [8] And then we can advance the providence rapidly: True Father: "In order to save the world through a movement of true love, you yourselves must first of all become substantial beings of love. You are to blossom proudly, becoming like fireworks of love." [9]

Becoming fireworks of love means becoming one with the love of God and True Parents. It means to create the Kingdom in our heart and becoming able to give it to others.

Heung Jin Nim: "Every one of you can be a messiah. That means you can give the Kingdom of Heaven to other people. You can take it in your heart and from this day you can start giving it to others. The Kingdom of Heaven is unlimited. You never lose when you give the Kingdom to others. When you give love, you will always have more." [10]

What does Heung Jin Nim mean with "taking" the Kingdom into our heart? It certainly does not mean that we can create the Kingdom in our heart without any effort on our part. What it however means is, that by calling on him the task will be much faster and easier:

Heung Jin Nim: "I can come along the path and heal you, get you ready for the last stretch into the homeland, where your Parents have been leading you. And Lord Jesus and I have the water and the manna -- so can you really make it without us?" [11]

Heung Jin Nim: "Now because of my own offering to God, True Parents and all of mankind, new doors can be opened. The laborious task that you singly had to carry can be easily reduced, and I can, with my brother Jesus, help you to get to the goal faster. Would you like that help or not? Would you like to quickly reach the goal so that our True Parents may rest? " [12]

Meanwhile not only Heung Jin Nim and Jesus are ready and willing to teach us love, if we ask them to do that. But even the greatest teacher of love of all history, True Father, is also desperately waiting for us to ask him to help us transform our hearts so that we become like him or better, with regards to love. That is such an incredible blessing!

Love from Bruno

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