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True Father: God-centered love alone shall dominate the entire universe

Bruno Klotz
April 8, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Father and Heung Jin Nim:

True Father: "When we become one with God's love, we will be able to practice God's love. The unification of the world will then be realized automatically." [1]

Becoming one with God's love means to inherit the heart and love of God. And that means to become able to love the way God does. It means to develop the heart of God in ourselves, to bring the level of our heart to the level of the Heart of God.

The more we strive to become an embodiment of the love of God, the faster God's ideal will become reality. Because divine love is the greatest power.

True Father: "God-centered love ALONE shall dominate the entire universe, and even control God, who is so vulnerable to love. God-centered love ALONE can unite the world. No matter how difficult it may be, no matter how severely divided it [the world] may be, the world can become one under the banner of SUCH LOVE." [2]

By the power of God-centered love, divine love, God's Kingdom will come. Divine love is the love of highest quality. It loves even the enemy:

True Father: "If you have such great love that you can love even your enemy, that power will MELT everything. God needs a movement that can melt the wrong world down and change it into the right one." [3]

We ALL have such a power of love in our hearts and it only needs to be believed, understood, discovered and developed.

True Father: "You are born as the princes and princesses of love. You must become kings and queens of love and create the kingdom of love... We were BORN FOR THE PERFECTION OF LOVE. " [4]

How do we perfect our love?

True Father: "We must become perfected individuals who match the standard of original, perfected individuality. To do this, we must CONTINUALLY REVOLUTIONIZE OURSELVES and fulfill our given responsibilities." [5]

We need to CONTINUALLY revolutionize our heart, our love, to grow quickly. We need to exercise and train our heart all the time, to become the people who we really are:

Heung Jin Nim: "I want you to understand that you are not who you think you are. The person you REALLY are is trying to be born right now." [5a]

Heung Jin Nim wants us to stop thinking in limited and narrow ways about ourselves. If we think so limited, we are satisfied with what we are and will not strive to advance in heart and love:

Heung Jin Nim: "You were all meant to be Gods. There's no limit to your heart, and there's no limit for all eternity. Your heart will get bigger and bigger and bigger.... Brothers and sisters, don't be satisfied with the level that you're at. Please reach out every day for a new level!" [5b]

By reaching higher and higher levels of love we get power and motivation to continue on this path forever, without ever getting exhausted:

True Father: "True love is so powerful and wonderful that once you have the hope of acquiring it for yourself NOTHING ELSE REALLY MATTERS to you. The taste of true love gives you the POWER AND DETERMINATION to pursue it further." [4]

By going the road of divine love, we will make more and more wonderful experiences with it, and nothing can stop us from advancing:

True Father: "Once you come to know how great the power of true love is, you would go this way even if someone told you not to." [7]

Who would lose power and motivation after coming to know how the power of divine love works in our own life and how much we can do for God and humanity by using this power? No one.

True Parents have gone forward with this power of divine love all their lives, and are still doing it:

True Father: "Reverend Moon is one man who has been EMBRACING EVERYONE, including good people and evil people, trying to melt all their qualities with the true love of God. No one has thought in that fashion, let alone lived his entire life that way. Without a doubt, all mankind shall come under this one TRADITION. The True Father and True Mother have committed their lives for the sake of their mission, for EMBRACING THE ENEMY WORLD." [8]

True Father: "I want to embrace the entire world and every kind of person, even the MOST DISAGREEABLE ones." [8]

Embracing the enemy world! That is True Parents' tradition, the tradition of divine love! And we need to inherit exactly this tradition:

True Parents: "As blessed couples, you are inheriting that tradition [True Parents' tradition]... In order to inherit that tradition, you must become LIKE TRUE PARENTS. You must live like them and embrace heaven and earth, the entire world and humanity. Then you can say, "Yes, Father, we inherited that tradition!" [8]

To be like True Parents means to be able to love the way they do, to love all mankind, good and evil. To love everyone with unconditional, forgiving and embracing love, wanting to be a blessing to everyone, good and bad alike. That is the divine standard, that all of us are supposed to reach. And all of us have this potential in the heart.

But still we can do with some help from the experts of love. And it is available, free of charge. We only need to ask for it:

Heung Jin Nim: "I will teach you how to love. I am the professor of love. I will teach you how to love. If you ask me I will teach you. But if you do not ask, I will not come." [9]

That applies for True Father and Jesus as well. We need to ask all of them to come and help us to become the Kings and Queens of love, who can love the way God and True Parents do.

Love from Bruno

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