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True Father: You will gain the authority of a subject in relating to others

Bruno Klotz
March 24, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Father, True Mother and Heung Jin Nim:

True Father: "Live for the sake of others. Invest yourself with true love and forget what you have invested. Practice this and you will perfect yourself as the owner of love. You will gain the authority of a subject in relating to others, and they will willingly submit to you in response." [1]

Father is asking us here to live a life of investing love into people and forgetting what has been invested. This is the divine way of loving. And this leads to perfection of heart and love, step by step. Investing love and forgetting is the mainstream concept:

True Father: "What is the mainstream concept? You must invest and forget. You must forget. I really, really ask you! So you must do it because of God and True Parents." [2]

We must be unconditional. We must forget. Otherwise it is not true love. And only if we strive to practice a love that is unconditional, true and divine, will the practice of it lead us to perfection.

Heung Jin Nim: "You can only grow if you demonstrate unconditional sacrifice and thus fulfill your portion of responsibility... Do you love one another unconditionally or do you seek some kind of payment in return?

... Love does not have any boundaries. Unconditional love never ends... The victory of love can only emerge if love is unconditional... Do you have that victory of love in yourself?" [3]

Unconditional love means to not expect anything. With other words, unconditional love has only ONE intention. And that intention is to be a blessing to anyone we meet, good or bad, friendly or hostile.

True Father: "It would be normal for you to love only those who respond to you in love. But when you sacrificially give of your love to those who are hostile to you, you begin to reflect the REAL QUALITY of God's own love. True love moves in this way. Its quality does not change regardless of the response of the people." [4]

By loving unconditionally even those that are not nice and kind to us, we indeed inherit God's divine love. Gradually our love resembles the love of God more and more. We become owners of that love of the highest quality. Not only in name, but in heart and substance, in real life.

If we want to become the people that God desires; if we want to inherit the Heart of God; if we want to learn to love the way God does, then we need to embrace EVERYONE with our heart, unconditionally. It means to forgive everyone, to embrace and lift everyone up instead of judging them, instead of fighting with them.

Heung Jin Nim: "I want to hear you using words that reflect responsibility. Do not struggle with other people. I never antagonize others. I could probably fight with so many people because I can see evil in them. Instead, I take responsibility for them and LOVE them. All I know is the Word and that I should make the Word MY OWN by living it. Then GROWTH COMES NATURALLY. You can perfect yourself only when you take responsibility centering on God's Word." [5]

Heung Jin Nim shows us the way of divine love. Just as True Parents do. We are responsible to inherit that heart, love and attitude. Then step by step our standard of heart will be God's standard of heart.

True Father: "When your standard of heart is the same as God's, all problems will be solved." [6]

True Father: "If you put yourself in the position of God or Jesus -- trusting persons while they betray you, loving persons when they don't deserve it, wanting to live and care for those persons while they are not qualified -- the world will change." [7]

This is because such quality of love has the greatest power. The more we become owners of such love, the more powerful we are, the more we can have a positive impact on the providence of God. We become true owners of the providence, instead of just bystanders. To become that kind of owner, we need to develop our heart, step by step, to the level of the heart of God and True Parents. That is the most important thing:

True Father: "It is a MOST IMPORTANT matter how much an individual who lives a life of faith can have an EVER INCREASING LOVE and power of life." [8]

Our love has to widen and deepen all the time, reaching higher and higher levels. Every single day we certainly do have a whole lot of chances to do this, because we always meet people. So many times in a single day we need to decide if we want to be obedient to divine love or not. If we really want to, we can literally make lots of victories of love every single day.

Someone may think all this is too difficult, too much of a struggle! But as soon as we discover and realize for ourselves how great a life of divine love really is we will NEVER want to let go anymore:

True Father: "Once you come to know how GREAT the power of true love is, you would go this way even if someone told you not to."[9]

True Father: "Therefore the true measure of your happiness is whether you are close to the central standard of true love. Happiness or unhappiness cannot be determined by how much money you have, but only by the PURITY with which you exercise true love." [10]

That means that we ourselves decide the level of our happiness by the way we love people! It is in our own hands.

Living a life of divine love, developing the heart of God in ourselves, being a blessing to everyone, is what living the Divine Principle is all about. That is the real core of a blessed life. This is what we can share with others, not just in words, but much more by our loving heart and divine attitude towards people.

And then we are doing what our True Mother requested:

True Mother:" Let us CONSTANTLY strive to spread true love. Let us sow the seeds of true love THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES." [10 A]

If we do that, then, as Father mentioned above, people will "submit" to us. What does "submit" mean? Simply this:

True Father: "When you have become a PERSONIFICATION of God's love, people will accept and love whatever you say. People will accept and love whatever you do." [11]

And Heung Jin Nim wants to help us to become such a personification quickly. The same applies to True Father and Jesus:

Heung Jin Nim: "You can do it now. I can help you, but you can do it! ASK FOR MY HELP and it will be given. If you don't know what to ask for, ask me what to ask for, and I will tell you.

Your life will be different from now on. You will become like Father and Mother. You will be able to understand their heart much more deeply now...

True Life is our purpose. True life for you and for everyone else. We [Jesus and Heung Jin Nim] will never give up. We will never stop." [12]

Heung Jin Nim: "I will do this eternally until each and every one can come into the COMPLETE MERGING with my Father's heart." [13]

Heung Jin Nim is desperately waiting for us to call him for his help, so that he can guide us to higher and higher levels of heart and love. True Parents and Jesus are just the same. We need to ask them, to invite them, into our heart and life. That will have an impact.

Love from Bruno

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