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True Father: From my experience I know that love is the greatest power

Bruno Klotz
March 7, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Father and Heung Jin Nim [also attached]:

True Father: "Be a person who can benefit everyone. Your life should be lived for the purpose of benefiting everyone." [1]

Aju! To be able to benefit everyone means to be able to be a blessing to everyone we meet. And that includes all kinds of people, good and "bad". So how can we be a blessing to everyone?

True Father: "Don't look at things selfishly, but with a desire to give love. Look upon a person who hates you with love, and eventually he will change. Begin sending out messages of love to those around. Pull out your old vision and replace it with "new eyeballs" of true love." [2]

It is important to nurture and develop in our heart the desire to give divine love, love of the highest quality. If we have this desire, then we also have the desire to be a blessing for others, to benefit others. And if we ask True Father, Jesus and Heung Jin Nim, they will help us with building up such a desire. They can transform our heart, if we ask them to do it.

True Father: "I want you to be ALWAYS humble, kind, loving and understanding of others, even though the person visiting you may be a cross or evil person -- even unforgivably evil. God can then turn him/her and use him/her to help you, to make you a success." [3] And of course, we need to make effort to embrace and uplift EVERYONE, no matter how that person may treat us. Some people may not treat us well, but we need to ignore such behavior completely and keep loving them, embracing them, uplifting them, unceasingly. In that way we can be a blessing to EVERYONE. True Father: "Without exception, treat each person cheerfully, speaking good words. If you do this ten times, ten people will become closer to you. When this becomes a habit, it will be good, and then you will not lose your standard of faith. If one could only do this, would prayer even be necessary?"[4] Such a way of life may be even more important than prayer. But certainly it will help us to make our prayers reality. If we treat everyone like described above, then we are certainly a blessing for others. And by doing this our heart and love will grow fast. Our love will resemble the love of God more and more.

True Father: "If you are becoming the consummation of the love of God, then you are becoming a perfected man/woman, and those who come near you will melt in the spring atmosphere of that love. Then sadness, hardship and pain will melt away without reason." [5]

Hallelujah! The more our love grows, the more we become a blessing for others. Mansei!

True Father: "Your mind and your life should overflow with God's love and should let the love drops fall CONTINUOUSLY." [6] If we let love drops fall all the time, wherever we are, whatever we do, then how can we not be a blessing for others?

True Father: "I want you to understand that you are in a position to disseminate [spread] this pure love. This love will affect other people and benefit them." [7] Indeed, divine love will benefit everyone!

True Father: "You can bring in all the blessings connected with love by visiting people with a HEART OF LOVE." [8] A heart of divine love has the desire to bring all the blessings. And indeed, it does. There are not too many people so far who can do this, but we should belong to those who can:

True Father: "The world is like a barren desert and it is very hard to find other people like you. Looking for true love in this world is like looking for water in the desert." [9] By us becoming more and more those people who love the way God does, water will come into the desert.

True Father: "The spirit world doesn't assist you because you are attractive, but because they know you are the inheritors of the love of God. That love is precisely what they need and the only way they can get it is by participating in your cause... If you have nothing in your pockets then you can give the people your tears, sweat and blood and your love. You may not give anything tangible, but if you give them LOVE then you have given them the BEST." [9]

Mansei! If we can manage to express the loving heart of God to all kinds of people, then indeed, what better can we give to them? There is nothing better that we can give to people. Even the spiritual world will benefit from it.

True Father: " I look at people and even the whole world as my beloved. " [7]

That is such a bombshell!! And it shows us True Father's mindset very clearly. It reveals his real "secret".

True Father: "My only principle is to live for the sake of loving mankind and God. When I act out of love, I find that somehow things get done. From experience I know that love is the greatest power." [13] True Father's ONLY principle! Wow! And what a mighty principle! By using this principle we can move mountains, get things done, just as True Father did and does. We can do the same, step by step, depending on how much we invest into growing our love. True Father: "It doesn't matter what worldly knowledge or position you have. The only thing that matters is whether you have the heart of heaven." [10]

And as we develop the heart of heaven, we can become a blessing to others, more and more.

But what about us? What happens to us?

True Father: "The one who invests everything for the sake of others and forgets about it, repeating the same action over and over, will become the central being, a standard bearer for the sake of the whole, and the GREATEST OF ALL PEOPLE OF FILIAL PIETY." [11] True Father: "The more you do as a channel of God's love, the more you will INHERIT. [9] That and more is what will happen to those who continually invest divine love into the people of the world.

Heung Jin Nim: "I understand your troubles, I understand your difficulties and I can really be the one to take your hand and guide you to a deeper and deeper understanding of heart and love." [12] Aju and Amen! True Father and Jesus can certainly do the same, if we invite them into our hearts and life. They all want to be such big blessings in our life, based on their loving heart.

Love from Bruno

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