Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) The Key to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

The key to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is not the place to which you can go alone, but the place to which you must go with your parents, brothers and sisters.

What is the key to go to the Kingdom of Heaven? It is not a place for you to go individually; you have to go there leading your tribe as well as your family. Having a big clan standing in front of God on earth is blessing. A family with many children and a lot of fortune is considered blessed, isn't it? You should enter the Kingdom of Heaven with your family, not alone.

You can never go to Heaven individually. Father discovered that the Kingdom of Heaven is not a place of wild fancies as Christians believe. Originally, we are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a family unit. The ideal world is the place where parents and children can live together centering upon God. By the way, if your father goes to hell, your mother goes to the Kingdom of Heaven, your older sister goes to hell, and your younger brother goes to the Kingdom of Heaven, will you feel good even though you go to Heaven? The Kingdom of Heaven is the place to go as a family unit.

Human beings are to be married in the bosom of God's love and have children whom God loves and grandchildren whom God feels joy to be with. The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where your family goes all together. Is going somewhere alone, where your son cannot go with you, really going to the Kingdom of Heaven? Paradise is the place to which people go separately, discarding the intimacy of "husband and wife" or "parent and child." Paradise doesn't have anything to do with the family. Is such a place the Kingdom of Heaven? The world where all family members can give and take centered upon God is the Kingdom of Heaven. While a son is floundering in hell, can his parents be happy in Heaven? Is such a place the Kingdom of Heaven?

The Kingdom of Heaven that the Unification Church is talking about is the place where all the family members are going together, not the place to which we go alone. In view of God's ideal of creation, is the Kingdom of Heaven a place to which man and woman go separately? No, it is the place for two people to go together; father and mother are meant to go together. In this respect, our Unification Church is the history-making religion.

Originally, God didn't create a world in which a husband could go to the Kingdom of Heaven and his wife to hell. The main characters of God's ideal of creation, namely, father, mother, son and daughter, are supposed to form a tribe and a nation. Doesn't this make sense? Due to the fall, hell came into existence.

What kind of place is the Kingdom of Heaven? It is the place for a family-man and woman in union-to enter. Because Jesus couldn't find a bride and bear sons and daughters on earth, he has been letting the Holy Spirit work on earth while he himself has been praying in Paradise for 2,000 years.

Because a woman fell first, a female spirit -- the Holy Spirit -- as the substantial body of a mother should cleanse sin and make the world clean. Then Jesus as a bridegroom with the new seed should return. God's purpose is to create a new world centering upon God, with the kin of True Parents in a new heaven and new earth. When such a world is accomplished, we can say that God's plan is fulfilled according to His will. We don't need to believe in a God who has been working for 6,000 years without a clear purpose.

The four position foundation is the cornerstone of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established by one individual alone; Jesus alone cannot build it. That's why the Holy Spirit should come down.

Because Jesus couldn't establish a family, he is in Paradise now, not in the Kingdom of Heaven. Paradise is the waiting room for entering the Kingdom of Heaven. Hell was created because of the human fall. God did not create hell originally.

We never go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. Two people, Adam and Eve, opened the door of Hell due to their fallen action, so we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. That's why Jesus is in Paradise, not in the Kingdom of Heaven. He is to go to the Kingdom of Heaven with his bride. Nowadays, Christians want to follow Jesus without having any idea of this fact. Unless we establish the standard of restoring a family, we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. That's why the Unification Church gives the Blessing.

According to the principle of creation, the Kingdom of Heaven is the place to enter centering upon the family. Happiness is to be felt when parents, children and all the relatives can enter the Kingdom of Heaven together. If children go to the Kingdom of Heaven while their parents go to hell, is it the real Kingdom of Heaven? Therefore, the Unification Church should lay the family-level foundation in paving the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Without doing that, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Centering upon a family, you have to be free of the historical and dispensational standard which Satan can accuse.

You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. The Blessing helps us swiftly go through the door of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the place to go on the family level, holding the bond of three generations. Jacob's seventy family members were the union of three generations; they entered Egypt as such a group.

Father's desire is to see exemplary families called by Heaven out of the enemy world, so we should know that we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without going through the family.

Who restores the Kingdom of Heaven? The door of the Kingdom of Heaven opens by means of an absolute couple with absolute faith, absolute practice and absolute heart, who are willing to bear the cross with gratitude.

How do you conceptualize the Kingdom of Heaven? In a word, the Kingdom of Heaven is the living environment for a perfect person. If it is for a perfect person with true love, then what is the nature of a person with true love? Humankind is composed of man and woman. Without a man and a woman, the completion of God's ideal of love cannot be established on earth. God's love cannot be perfected without a man and a woman who together possess the subjectivity of perfect love.

A single person can never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For a single person, the Kingdom of Heaven is the land of despair. A land of solitude still presents hope, but the land of despair has the status of being without hope. When blessed families of the Unification Church accomplish vertical love on the foundation of horizontal love between husband and wife, they enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Here is recent spiritual proof for that. (Colonel Pak explains it:) The former president of the Unification Church of Korea, Rev. Hyo Won Eu, who is in the spirit world now, once spoke to a female psychic medium. "As Father's first disciple, I worked for a long time in the president's position, and I wrote Wolli Kang-ron (Discourse on the Principle) which became the worldwide scripture, so I thought I would be in the top position in the spirit world. But when Father organized the spirit world trinity with the order of Ki Suk Lee, Hyo Won Eu and Chung Goo Park, I was so disappointed and I complained. Father said, "The spirit world is the world of love, where the competition of love exists, not the competition of intellect. Ki Suk Lee has more love, that's why he became the first brother in the trinity." I could understand after listening to Father's explanation. I didn't enter the Kingdom of Heaven yet; I'm on the way there. Thus far, my work has inclined toward the intellect, but I will work hard heartistically with my wife on earth." Heung Jin Nim is in the Kingdom of Heaven. He couldn't enter the Kingdom of Heaven until he got blessed. After establishing the four position foundation, he entered the Kingdom of Heaven. The spirit world is the world of love.

What kind of person can go to the Kingdom of Heaven? The kind of person who loves his son, wife or self more than he loves God cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you can respect parental love and conjugal love, you are qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to love your parents more than you love your spouse, and you have to love your grandparents more than you love your parents. This is the core of the Kingdom of Heaven and the motto encapsulating the ideal.

Your mind and your life should overflow with God's love and should let the love drops fall continuously. When love flows out, there is hope, but when love dries up, you and your family will perish. Dry-hearted people will be stricken out of the world of love. Such people are destined to be excluded from the world of the tradition of love.

If you cannot experience heavenly love on earth, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Have you sincerely loved a Cain-type person? In order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, your love should surpass the parental love and conjugal love of the satanic world. Parents have even died for the sake of their child in the fallen world; still, our love must surpass the parental love of the fallen world.

You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. One man and one woman should be united. In order to go through this process, one person of the couple should surely become one with Cain. A proper environment is needed. Before receiving parents or spouse, you are to set up a standard of unity between brothers and sisters. This is Unification thinking.

What is the human fall? What are fallen children? Fallen children cannot feel God thoroughly as their Father. Their mind doesn't have a concept of God. You should have the following experience and realization. First, you should substantially feel, "I'm born again and have received new life, and I'm God's son or daughter who leads a new life through the love of True Parents." Second, "I'm a qualified citizen of God's land." Third, when you look at the nation and world, you should feel God's mercy and think, "God handed down this world to me, so I as God's child have a right to possess this world."

The awakening of this actual feeling is the most important task for us in 1977. You should realize, first, that you are God's direct child; second, that you are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven; third, that this world is your legacy from God. God blessed His children with three gifts. An individual who actualizes this feeling is moving toward perfection and is endowed with the qualification and right to be the center or a member of the Kingdom of Heaven of the family.

When God settles down on earth with joy, then all things can take Sabbath. The sabbatical site for all things cannot be set up unless God settles down on earth. Unless the parents' minds are comfortable in a family, you cannot establish a happy family centering upon your parents. Likewise, new order cannot be established in this world unless your mind and body can naturally and spontaneously sing a song of happiness centering upon God, the subject of the cosmos, and unless you are given independent authority in a free environment.

Even though you've established the individual Kingdom of Heaven, if you cannot apply that to the family, you will not have a safe place for yourself as an individual to take Sabbath. Without establishing the victorious tribal-level foundation, you cannot lay a safe foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven of the family. In order for a tribe to settle safely, the national foundation should be determined; in order for a nation to set up the foundation to take Sabbath, a worldwide foundation should be organized. You are in this process of development.

When we say Heavenly Father, we are saying that God is a parent. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become the King and the Queen of the nation, as well as parents. They would have been the King and the Queen of the Kingdom of Heaven and the King and the Queen of the universe. That's why there is a saying that a loving loyal subject and a son of filial piety can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. When a woman serves her husband as God, Lord or King and leads a life of true love, she can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. The logic that you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven unless you love your parents, nation and world makes sense here.

A family belongs to a nation, a nation belongs to the world and the world belongs to the universe, so if you love God, you will attain the condition that you loved everything in the universe, even though you abandoned your family and nation. That's why you are told to live for the sake of the world and God. If you can love the world and humankind as much as you love me, you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

A person who is bound by his or her family and who is fettered by conventional forms and past habits cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Such a person needs a heavenly gift to revolutionize his or her mind to an explosive degree. Where is the place to dispense this heavenly gift and stimulate us to carry out such a revolution? It is the Unification Church. The motivation and the wellspring of the revolution originates from the Unification Church. It applies to everybody.

Father says to the Unification Church members that we are to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, but it is not accomplished by ourselves. You are told that in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven, you should become the oldest grandson of the main family. In order to be the oldest grandson of the main family, you should marry into the head family and fulfill the moral obligations there.

You should be a good example in public life. In other words, you should be thorough in church life and our official activities. These two areas are critical.

You belong to a certain region. The degree to which you strive to absorb your whole region in God's Will vitally influences the education of your children. The change in your life after you began to live centering upon God's will, in other words, how much you lead an exemplary life in the village and how much you make an exemplary relationship with others, will be the object of potential criticism by your children. Therefore, your public life should be solid.

Next, your private (personal) life is the problem. Is there any qualitative difference in your life before the Blessing and after the Blessing, when you are trying to lead a life of faith as a family? If, when a husband becomes arrogant, his wife keeps complaining and nags at him more than before, they are not a good example to their children.

After the Blessing, they should change totally. It is very important to create a situation in which their children respect them, so they should be good examples to their children in their personal life.

Public desire can be accepted anywhere; never have self-centered desire. You should have the attitude that you will do such and such in order to save the nation, instead of acting with the motivation to become popular in the nation. Does a nation move according to your mind? If that's the case, you may think that God would move following your mind. Those thoughts are all self-centered. You always have to lead a public life. In all your actions, earning money or participating in certain activities, you should be motivated to save the nation and the world. You should not think that you will do something good later by earning money now.

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