The Words of the Horsfall Family

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Subject and Object (Sara Mazumdar [Horsfall] - February 1971)

I am determined to break through all the barriers and find the way to win in India (Sara Mazumdar [Horsfall] - September 1975 pdf)

India's Fate (Sara Mazumdar [Horsfall] - January 1976 pdf)

An Interesting Story about Taking the Train on Republic Day in India (Sara Mazumdar [Horsfall] - January 26, 1976 pdf)

India: Street Life Starts Young (Sara Mazumdar [Horsfall] - August 1977 pdf)

Use Of The Internet In The Unification Movement (Sara Horsfall - 2000)

1975 Unification Church Missionary Experiences in India, Greece and other experiences in UK (Sara Towe Horsfall - May 2017 pdf)

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