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How Many More Holy Offerings Are Necessary?

Nikolaus Beutl
October 29, 2009

My dear brothers and sisters,

Are you surprised by the reference title of this letter? At this time of remembering our beloved Elder Brother Young Jin Nim who left this world as a holy offering it is surely appropriate to ask such a question, especially as we know that last year another child of our True Parents left this world prematurely and even our True Parents themselves barely escaped the death awaiting them after the helicopter crash landing if they had not been rescued when True Father was hanging from his seat and True Mother’s foot was stuck…

As I have written extensively about the helicopter miracle, I will not say more here but it is surely important to be aware of the fact the even though the time of blood sacrifices is over in God’s providential timetable, they are still happening according to the sad reality on the side of those who have been called to stand on the forefront of fighting for the fulfillment of God’s will.

Through the Principle we know that offerings become necessary when there is not enough foundation on God’s side, if the ones who are supposed to stand up for God are lacking to respond to Heaven’s call. The ones with an exemplary Abel-type attitude are the primary target of satanic attacks on the lives of the chosen people. A recent example is the death of our Second Generation brother Fumitoshi Yonemura who was hit by a car when crossing the street near his university and later passed away.

Rev. David Rendel from the Chicago Family Church described Fumitoshi as “a most Abel son who was active in second-generation activities and focused on God’s providence... He is very smart and talented, and also loves drawing and running.” The Seung Hwa Ceremony for this exemplary brother was on Sunday.

Only a few hours before Fumitoshi’s passing on to the next world a car accident happened in Austria which could have caused the death of the brother who is responsible for Blessed Families in this country. Thanks to fortunate circumstances that included an ambulance man arriving shortly after the accident at the site “by chance” -- which was of course due to heaven’s guidance -- Horst Bauer’s life could be secured after an 8 hours operation of the broken neck bones and ribs...

God and True Parents do not want blood to be shed but on the other hand if there is not enough foundation then such painful events become necessary -- for the sake of our repentance. That there is enough need for repentance on our side can be understood from many speeches of our Father. I would like to quote here from what he said on God’s Day at the beginning of last year:

“There is no longer a need for me to teach you what you don't want to learn; I don't have to guide you to a path that you don't want to walk down. I have already taught you everything. I taught you all about the spiritual world. You can't say you don't know how to reach individual perfection. If you have stayed in the Unification Church for more than three years, you should know more than enough. You should know all you need to know for the rest of your life.”

How do we feel when reading these lines with Father saying “…what you don't want to learn; I don't have to guide you to a path that you don't want to walk down”? The very same year when Father had to speak like this about the sad reality of our spiritual state saw the passing of our True Parents’ first son Hyo Jin Nim and the all out attack not only on our True Parents’ life but also on the lives of 3 True Grandchildren and core members who had been on the flight which ended in the helicopter crash landing.

When the True Parents of Mankind have to speak to thousands of members on a True God’s Day in such terms like “… what you don't want to learn; … you don't want to walk down.” then this means in other words that they do not have the foundation of dedicated disciples who are ready to give their lives to protect the messiah and that the crucifixion is not far -- which our True Parents faced 11 weeks later on a heartistic level when they had to bid farewell to their beloved first son Hyo Jin Nim and 6 ½ months later when they met themselves with imminent death awaiting them from which they were saved through what we rightly call the helicopter miracle.

On January 6, of that year Father told us: “You have to live by God's Will. People within 12 generations who violate God's Will, will be excluded. At least 10 generations should be trained and appropriate indemnity conditions should be set. If you cannot do it, the satanic world will start growing again.” This means that if appropriate indemnity conditions are not set then the satanic world will expand further and we will go down the hill instead of further up towards the substantial establishment of Cheon Il Guk.

Where is the dividing line between coming closer to experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven and going further away from it into darker realms? We know the answer through our knowledge of the Divine Principle that teach clearly about the need to establish a Foundation of Faith and Substance in order to be able to return to the embrace of our Loving Heavenly Father / Mother.

Kook Jin Nim puts the core teaching of Divine Principle into the sentence “Inherit the True Love of God”. And what is necessary to get there in a few words? The unity of heart between Cain and Abel, which allows God’s love to come down to His children.

How well are we doing in this respect? I wrote about it before and will repeat it here again: Unity of hearts is the key to the establishment of Cheon Il Guk. We heard Heung Jin Nim’s and In Jin Nim’s recent Call for Unity and have to ask ourselves: How did we respond to it? What did we do since then for better relationships between us as members of a worldwide family under our True Parents?

The essence of our situation is clear. Father put it in this way:

“Where conflict exists, God cannot dwell. God comes and lives with us whenever we have unity. Therefore, before we can expect God to dwell within us we have to achieve unity between mind and body, then God will be able to visit us. The same applies to the family. When the family is united, God can come and live with that family.”

If we want to experience the presence of God’s love then we have to overcome our fallen nature of not loving our brother or sister, husband or wife… and begin to truly invest our hearts into the ones whom our Heavenly Father has given each son and daughter for them to deal with in order to achieve the ideal of perfection through our being ready to have the attitude: I deal with this person instead of remaining separate from him or her, the one whom Heaven has given to me for the growth of my heart and my ability to love.

Now we have besides the precious words of our True Parents the weekly internal guidance and encouragement by Hyung Jin Nim and In Jin Nim, who offer us such profound words of wisdom on how to behave and what attitude to have in order to secure God’s blessing for our lives. We have everything we need. The only question remaining is whether or not we use our knowledge and experience or remain stuck in certain resentments and separations among us which are a clear hindrance for God to be with us no matter how hard we may work for Him.

When True Father spoke about the New Family Pledge on May 8, 1994 he said:

“You have heard Father's teaching on the subject of True Love so many times now. If someone asks you to define True Love for them you cannot hesitate to answer. Immediately you have to respond that True Love is the power that brings my mind and body into unity, husband and wife into unity, parents and children into unity, that is True Love. That is the main spirit of God's restorational dispensation, bringing these separate entities into unity. That is the main core of God's work: unification.”

The decisive question is therefore: Do I work for the sake of unification or not? What we have to ask ourselves honestly includes: What is my contribution in order that unity is achieved? Am I a Unificationist who is dedicated to bring unity wherever I go, or am I a member who is very busy with raising funds or church activities with no time to really listen to my fellow Unificationists in order to find a base for true unification?

What am I investing for the sake of hearts coming together? No matter how much we do for God on external levels we miss the point if we do not invest into building bonds of heart that allow us to become true brothers and sisters. If we miss out on this most basic level we will never see the realization of one family under God.

According to the reality of our movement we have to ask ourselves: What is hindering us to unite with God’s will, with our True Parents, with my brother or sister -- with the ones whom our Father in Heaven has entrusted to us in order that we deal with them for the sake of our becoming perfected in heart.

Father told us on God’s Day last year: “You can't say you don't know how to reach individual perfection.” What is our concrete answer to this question? I shared my thoughts about this essential theme of our coming under the direct dominion of God in my recent reflections and some of you shared your understanding with even Dr. Sang Hun Lee writing a letter about this important topic to us.

The long time members among us received so much training throughout the years in the Unification Movement that by now we should be experts in many fields concerning heartistic development and reaching perfection in our ability to love, especially when considering Father telling us that even after 3 years in the Church we “should know more than enough.” He says that we should know all we need to know for the rest of our life.

As a matter of fact, we do not have a problem of knowledge, that we would not know what to do, but one of heart, that we have difficulties in loving the ones whom Heaven put on our path for us to grow in our ability to love all people in the way our Eternal Parent loves His children. The ones who represent a personal challenge may be living in our immediate surrounding or they may be a member of our extended family, of our church community, or even a person far away in another part of the world from whom we get regularly mail which we may not like because of a feeling that there is too much admonishment in it or for whatever reason that hinders us to have an open heart and mind towards this brother or sister.

After Hyo Jin Nim’s passing True Father called upon our worldwide membership to unite and after the helicopter incident he asked us to inherit the victory of that miracle by laying a new Foundation of Faith and Foundation of Substance with our international president requesting that we achieve a transformation of our church through Cheon Song and True Love. More than one year has passed since then and as we enter the last two months of this year we are challenged to make sure that we are indeed leading new resurrected lives after all the grace we received, including the recent Cosmic level Blessing.

May we each take the time to check our hearts thoroughly to eliminate any traces of hypocrisy that hinder us to face our own inner reality and to make the needed changes at this time when Father had asked us 3 weeks ago to repent of everything before October 10th, when we should become a new person because: “We are entering a new age. We need to have a new beginning.”

Continued in part 2  

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