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How Many More Holy Offerings Are Necessary? (Part 2)

Nikolaus Beutl
October 30, 2009

My dear brothers and sisters,

At the beginning of this month Father offered on October 1st a historic address in Washington to which he referred as the key to the way we have to go for all eternity. He said that the speech was like a heavenly constitution. True Father declared in this talk entitled Establishing a World of Peace Centering on the True Parents. "Our house should belong to heaven. A house of true peace must not have any trace of the fallen world.” And he told us that this statement is like an original blueprint.

We received the blueprint for what needs to be done -- to eradicate any trace of the fallen world so that we have nothing to do any more with fallen nature but are completely renewed people of God, His temples in whom His spirit dwells. Remains only that we help each other wholeheartedly to come into this realm of purified hearts where we can welcome God’s presence any time.

What I would like to mention here is the way how our Father sets conditions, as he did e.g. on the first day of this month in preparation of that evening’s historic address. After five hours of Hoon Dok Hae he said that the five ages of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation had been overcome, so now he could start reading the speech for that night, which he explained while going over it for the next seven hours!

Father stated that October 1st was a significant day from which we would “no longer be under Satan’s dominion and instead be under God’s dominion”. During the 12 hours of Hoon Dok Hae on this day Father taught about the new way that we should live starting with October 1, 2009 and then asked everyone if they would live that way. He received a strong “Ye” (Yes in Korean) as a response to his question.

Did we hear it? We will be now under God’s dominion if we live in the new way as Father explained. For this reason we have to make sure that we are indeed standing on God’s side by living up to the heavenly standard which does not allow us not to love our brother and sister, father and mother, husband or wife…

One month ago Father told us: “Everything can change in a moment, but people don’t recognize it. There is only one time and one moment when the world needs to be one. The Fall of Adam and Eve changed the entire world in a single moment…”

Such a critical moment came on a personal level to our exemplary brothers Horst Bauer and Fumitoshi Yonemura of the First and Second Generation respectively 3 weeks after True Father had warned of possible dangers on September 30, 2009. He offered his explanations using the metaphors of X's and O's whereby God is in the position of O and evil is in the position of X: “If the internal world does not go the way of the Principle, there is a bigger X waiting to happen in the external world…”

Shortly after sending out the first part of this reflection I received a mail with the reference “Other sacrifices also...” that offered examples of how failures within our movement were followed by tragedies on an external level, causing much suffering for Blessed Children and many members because of failures in our movement to be victorious in the Cain Abel relationship. I will not go into detail here, because there are sadly too many examples of such facts caused by our not achieving the crucial unity of hearts between Cain and Abel.

But I would like to remind you of the case of our sister Liza who had to go to prison because of religious persecution which has its roots in our own church, whereby the internal issue was not resolved, leading to the verdict on Elizaveta Drenicheva not being withdrawn and more suffering, including one Kazakh sister being killed in America and our advocate who has been fighting like a lion to get our sister Liza freed is sitting today himself in prison for the next 4 years. Unless issues are cleared up in the internal realm there is no solution on external levels.

Father addressed his audience on October 1st by appealing to them: “Citizens of Chung Il Guk, who have the true love of True Parents as I do, time is running out! Now is the time to establish a new heavenly law... Even the people sitting here now do not realize how they should be living for True Parents. The events of the coming three years will set the course for the following 1,000 years -- until January 13, 3013”, adding, “in this new era, God will not be held prisoner.”

Can we imagine that our present actions until January 13, 2013 will decide the course for the coming 1,000 years? Can we grasp what an enormous responsibility we have? Can we feel the urgency in the heart of our True Father when he tells us that time is running out?

He expressed his disappointment that even those sitting in front of him -- many members of the Unification movement like you and me - do not realize how they should be living for True Parents. Shouldn’t we comfort them by ourselves becoming from now on truly exemplary children?

One month prior to that Hoon Dok meeting Father had to say to the 300 members who had gathered for the “Day of the Settlement of the Eight Stages” celebration: “Many of you only follow with words but you need to follow substantially. You are not going the right way and you do not understand Father. What are you doing? Because of mistakes and disunity American people will have to shed blood.”

One regional leader reported that “it was later explained that because some leaders and members are united against Parents directions a condition needs to be set to restore the disunity and that it will be a condition where blood will be shed - Father was almost in tears at this point.”

What happened 9 times 6 days after Father had to say this with a most painful heart? One more exemplary American blessed child was killed in a car accident a few hours after one First Generation brother nearly met with a same tragedy. We know that both 9 and 6 are satanic numbers… In other words, nothing happens by chance but there are always clear inner reasons when blood is shed.

It is our mistakes and disunity which cause such sacrifices. Are we aware of this fact? Does it touch us deeply in our hearts that because of my disunity with God, True Family, and my brother or sister, sacrifices become necessary and members lose their lives prematurely? This reality is a deep pain in the hearts of our True Parents.

On August 31, 2009 Father told brothers and sisters in Las Vegas: “You can not just go home and stay the way you are.” Two months passed since then. Did we use these 6 times 10 days for our own personal recreation (represented by the number 6) and our return into the unity with God (symbolized by the number 10)? As we are all central people representing God and True Parents in this world, our actions - or negligence - have far reaching consequences.

True Father emphasized:

“You need to understand what the Second Coming means, what True Parents mean… Today you need to make the decision to unite with Parents and with the directions and appointments they make in America. Father will appoint people who understand him… You need to really be with me not just with your words. I am the educator and I will educate. You still have many things to learn about the 8 stages. You should become bigger and better than Parents.”

Is this also our heart and mindset that we long to be one with our True Father and True Mother as their children with the desire to become even better than they, to achieve more for God than it was possible for them who had to work all throughout their lives under most difficult circumstances?

Father asked on that holiday that we decide to really unite with our Parents and truly understand the position which they represent. He emphasized:

“Unity is the key. Today you should be one with Father's wishes and words. You should ask your own original mind about this. You need to find a place where you can stand with a united mind and body. You need to think about how God can live in you. How can you become a temple for God to dwell in?”

These are essential questions for each one of us to reflect about. We are called to do this now and not sometime in the future, especially when we know that Father told us already on the last day of August 2009: “You should change 180 degrees starting today.” If we did not go through fundamental changes during the past weeks -- especially as Father asked us again before the Cosmic level Blessing to become a new person -- then we really have to get down now (on our knees) and respond to our True Parents desire for us to become truly resurrected in heart in order to be able to fulfill our responsibility in the right way.

Father looked really sad and alone when he had to say:

“If Father goes into a coma and dies who will lead America? I don’t see anyone. Everything I have accomplished was difficult and it required that I suffer a lot. Only I have the key and only I can do it. No one is here yet that can take over my mission. I am looking but so far I do not see anyone. When I think about America I become even sadder than when I lose a spouse or a child. There is nothing that I cannot do but it is still very hard. Father is alone.”

How do we feel when we hear Father speak in such terms? Can we comprehend his pain greater than when losing a child? Is it possible for us to fathom how lonely he is on the course of giving his life again and again in order to bring this world back to God?

About himself he told us that morning: “I am scared sometimes when I say things because they come true. Truth however is truth and it cannot be denied... I understand the ages and the stages but the greatest thing I understand is love.” This means that most of all we too need to know about True Love in order to be the children our True Parents are longing for. Let us share therefore more than ever before about this core central theme along with meditating in prayer about this essential task of having a heart filled with True Love.

How serious we should be about moving to the country we received through Heaven’s guidance may be realized when we consider that Father told brothers and sisters: “Up until now American citizenship was important but now you should consider becoming citizens of your new (120 Lottery) nations. When you go to your nation (120) you will go as a soldier in the Peace Army not as a Unification Church missionary. The people who oppose Father will be restored by this 120 nation condition. 3 generations should go together to their nation (120). Through this we will become brothers and sisters beyond family ties.”

Father told us on the “Day of the Settlement of the Eight Stages” that we should go over the 7th and 8th stages. What does it mean to go over these two final stages? Should we not go out into the world (to our respective nations) and be victorious on the cosmic level, uniting fully with God, our Eternal Parent? With Him as our center we are to build bonds of heart with our brothers and sisters here on earth and in spirit world as the cosmic level refers to both the physical and the spiritual realm.

By the way, if you are not yet familiar with the testimony of the Danish brother who had a vision during the October 14 Cosmic Level Blessing Ceremony about how this ceremony took place in the spirit world on that day in his country, I can forward it to you.

Father told us on the last day of August that he always worries about how to move the providence forward and requested: “You should be concerned and know that people are dying everyday and repent. You need to love God more than we love our spouses and our children.” We heard Father teaching about this essential task many times but are we doing it? In which way can it be seen that we are dedicated more to God’s will than to the beloved members of our families?

About the attitude we should have at this time Father said: “As we go through these last 4 years let us live and be crazy to do what needs to be done. A peaceful world is coming.” Yes, it will definitely come but when depends on how well we are doing in responding to our Heavenly Father and our True Parents’ desire.

On September 18, 2009 Father called once again for unity at the end of Hoon Dok Hae: “Please be united.” How serious are we about uniting with God’s will and with one another as resurrected and renewed people who left the past of enmity fully behind after having pulled out all traces of resentments towards our brother or sister whom we find so difficult to love?

The following day Father mentioned that he sent Hyo Jin Nim to the spirit world so that he could bring unity through fighting in Father's place. Are we doing the same here on earth? Are we investing ourselves wholeheartedly for unity, because it does not simply come about but requires our complete inner dedication? My dear brothers and sisters, let us ask ourselves sincerely: What is my contribution on internal and external levels to secure a spirit of our being united with one another within the Unification Movement?

To conclude this reflection I would like to express my desire that we all consider what Father asked two months ago: “You should not complain but go the right way. Don’t gossip or complain just go the right way. By 2013 we need a nation, we need One Family Under God. You will become brothers and sisters centering on True Parents. This is a time of new beginnings. Everything will change.”

In order for this united Family under God to become a reality it has to be manifested first of all within our own movement -- in our building heartistic relationships among us. When we invest most sincerely into this core realm then we will be able to avoid more holy offerings on an external level because we will be successful in fully overcoming Cain Abel problems as we establish victorious foundations of substance which allow Heaven to come down.

May we all bring God’s presence into our hearts as His purified, resurrected new sons and daughters who unite with one another wholeheartedly. This is my fervent desire as we conclude this month of liberation.

Yours sincerely,


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