Rev. Sun Myung Moon:

His Life and Works


His Excellency Abdurrahman Wahid
President of Indonesia , 1999-2001

We come here to welcome Rev. Moon and then to listen to his speech. This is actually a simple schedule, a simple thing to do. But simplicity doesn’t mean that the result is simple. Because in the speech and in the person of Rev. Moon, we can find a whole long life, a very, very long struggle to establish peace in a peaceful way.

Religion does not permit the use of violence. Under Islamic law, only if you are abducted from your home are you entitled to physical defence. Christians are admonished to give the left cheek if the right has been struck. All religions insist on peace. From this we would think that the religious struggle for peace is simple… but it is not. The deep problem is that people use religion wrongly in pursuit of victory and triumph. This sad fact then leads to conflict with people who believe differently.

For this reason, Rev. Moon’s call for peace though religion is something of great nuance and profundity. We are deeply fortunate for the chance now to hear him and observe his life-long struggle for world peace through religion. We can see how he lives peace so fully in his life. He has endured unspeakable persecution. I know this. This puts us all in his debt. If he can continue, we are the beneficiaries. This is why I harbor an inner hope that this visit will bring about that peace he lives and gives through his life and his speeches.

Rt. Hon. Nagendra Prasad Rijal,
President of Nepal

We have to work tirelessly with the principle of “live and let live” to achieve this anticipated end. Rev. Moon is the foremost philosopher and leader in this respect. I am glad to supporT thIs efforts for such an interreligious endeavor.

His Excellency Hussein Aideed
Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia

We do not seek peace with ammunitions and weapons any more, thanks to Father and Mother Moon’s philosophy of peace.”

Josť De Venecia Jr.
Speaker, Philippine House of Representatives

"Reverend Moon is a pioneer of dialogue and peace-making."

Edward Shevardnadze
President of Georgia , 2001–2004

"The ideal of peace proposed by Dr. Moon implies a transformation of the effort for world peace beyond politics to be become a global, cross-cultural and inter-religious movement."

Lu Hsiu-Lien ( Annette)
Vice President of the Republic of China

"He has…founded various organizations to help the furthering of world peace by providing a chance for dialogue and cooperation among different races, fields and religions. His call is inclusive, helping to break down barriers.”

Sir Allan Kemakemakeza,
Prime Minister , Solomon Islands

"I know of no other single individual in the world who has consistently invested so much of his time,energy and resources into the effective pursuit of global peace.”

Hamilton Green. J.P.
Former Prime Minister, Republic of Guyana

"His consistent and untiring effort to bring together people from every corner of the globe and every race and of every religious persuasion , is by itself a giant step towards the victory of lasting peace.”

Jose Osvaldo de Meira Penna,
Former Ambassador of Brazil

"I believe Rev. Moon is especially to be praised for his work in bridging the enmity between the Republic of Korea and North Korea. "

Sir John Compton,
KCMG, LLB, West Indies

"Rev. Sun Myung Moon realized that it is only through love and understanding of our apparent differences, only through the work of people of good will can there be peace on earth."

Keun Min Wo,
Governor of Che Ju Do Province, Korea

"What is the most significant of his achievements is to elevate the importance of family which is the core of Korean culture to a universal value of humankind. The family is the basis of human beings. Especially, the family in Korean culture is the driving force which has led the history of 5000 years up to today. The family which consists of parents, husband and wife, and children is a sanctuary to come into blossom of true love, and is a place to fill up happiness and hope."

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