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5. The Spiritual World

God created both the spiritual world and physical world as the home for His children. Death ends our physical life, but our spirit continues on in the spiritual world. There we harvest the seeds we sowed during our life on earth.

Where we go after death depends largely on how we have lived on earth. If we lived an unselfish life on earth, loving and serving others, we will continue doing that in the spiritual world in the realm of God’s grace and goodness. If we are selfish, hateful and evil on earth, we will continue being that way in the spiritual world. In short, we are here to develop our capacity to give and receive love.

Religions strive to prepare people for the eternal world, encouraging them to live for others, but holding religious beliefs alone does not guarantee one a place in heaven. Even a conscientious non-believer will be recognized accordingly, and may well find him or herself in a better realm than a religious hypocrite.

God’s plan is for us to grow into people of true love and build loving extended families that will dwell with Him for eternity in the spirit world. However, as a consequence of the human fall, we lost sight of our original purpose and lost touch with the spiritual side of our existence. The spirit world, home to fallen and imperfect people, developed many levels reflecting the confusion and divisions on earth.

The Messiah has the task of ending these divisions and bringing our life on earth into harmony with our spiritual life, in effect uniting Heaven and Earth. He is a uniquely qualified mediator and figure of authority. Jesus defeated Satan, was ministered to by angels, subjugated demons and interacted with Moses and Elijah. Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Muhammad and all religious founders had extensive interaction with the spirit world. Peace on earth cannot come without such spirit world ministry. This is because, whether perceived or not, spirits both good and evil influence the thoughts and actions of people on earth. Changing the spiritual conditions leads hearts to change more readily.

In their spirit world ministry, Reverend and Mrs. Moon, as True Parents, have brought together religious founders, saints and sages, and other righteous people in the spirit world to support God’s work on earth. People in spirit world often recognize the Messiah more readily than do people on earth, and they testify to True Parents without apology.

Because God desires to restore all people, the Messiah also works to change even those spirits who led the most evil lives, the tyrants and dictators. It was for this same purpose that Jesus descended to Hell for three days after his crucifixion. As this work of love progresses, even the most evil people in the spiritual world, such as Hitler and Stalin, have begun to repent for the suffering they caused humanity.

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