Our first responsibility

To gain true love we need the heart that comes through living our life in a relationship with God.

Through following our conscience we can live with mind and body united and develop to become true individuals.

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Through living our life for the sake of God and others we can inherit this heart and love from God, and love others with true love.

This is our first responsibility.

In our society today most people love superficially, with little or no relationship between this heart to live for God and others, and their love.

This type of love is self-centred and exploitative and is what we call false love. It often relies mainly on physical attraction and sexual gratification for its development.

The family is where we develop the four realms of heart and there are two fundamental relationships:

The vertical relationship is produced by the love that comes down from parents to children, and is reciprocated from children up to parents. Even if the love has to be divided between many children it never diminishes and -there is enough to satisfy all the children.

However horizontal love, or conjugal love, which is passed across between husband and wife can never be shared or distributed amongst many spouses. No one who has fulfilled the first responsibility wants to have a spouse who is having sexual relationships with many people. As soon as conjugal love is divided, it is destroyed.

Our second responsibility

Our second responsibility is towards our spouse. If the first responsibility is not kept, and a person’s love is superficial and only physically orientated, then the second responsibility will not be easy to keep. Husband and wife must have an unwavering relationship and never be unfaithful.

Is divorce good? No. Why?

Because children never want their own parent’s love to dwindle and for them to divorce. Their mother and father’s love is the root of their own life, the source of their own self and their motivation. The breaking of the parents’ love means that the children’s source of love and root of life has been broken.

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