Our third responsibility

The third responsibility is towards our children and descendants. Our children are not only expecting material things from us, but are especially seeking for our true love. They need true love more than anything else.

Where can children learn how to love? From their parents. Therefore parents must first become true parents and secondly they must become teachers.

Teachers of what? Of Physics, Literature or Law? No, teachers of true love.

The love lessons from the parents become the base from which the child should build his or her entire life.

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Parents fighting with each other or divorcing are the worst poison for the children. If they are surrounded by superficial, false love relationships, they grow up scarred for life.

Even worse is sexual or physical child abuse. Most people never recover from that kind of experience.

At present there is a very high divorce rate, but children never accept their own parents divorcing. Many of our country’s leaders recognise now that family breakdown is a big problem but this problem can’t be resolved by political power, by academic research or by money. Even parents can’t find a solution, because until now they haven’t understood and they can’t set the example of true parenthood that is needed.

If you are married, do you feel that you are a perfect example for your children? Do you consider yourself as a perfect spouse? Have you never had an adulterous thought?

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