The conjugal relationship

If you look at the animal world, animals have certain love reactions and love relationships, but God only permits sexual relationships between animals for the purpose of multiplication and the creation of offspring. Animals don’t normally have sexual relationships at any other period other than when they are ready to conceive.

Humankind, however, is the only created being with freedom in the conjugal love relationship and this means that life for humans is on a different level from that of the animal world.

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Conjugal love is the central love.
It determines how God's love can be received by the couple and passed to the children as parent's love, which is the source of children's love.

The conjugal love relationship for mankind is built upon freedom, and there is no freedom without responsibility. Our world today is full of chaotic relationships between people, because people are abrogating their responsibility towards one another and hence losing their true freedom.

The Three Stages of Responsibility

There are three stages of responsibility: responsibility towards God, responsibility towards our spouse, and responsibility towards our children and descendants.

In the English language we only have one word for love, and yet the love of drama, the love of reading, the love of a dog or the love for one’s spouse are all very different.

True love always comes with true heart and true heart is the root, the origin, the motivation, the inner source of the content of true love, which is unselfish, permanent and steadfast.

False love, however, has no relationship with heart, and is superficial, selfish, impermanent and changing.

God’s motivation for the creation itself was true love, and because of this God allowed the freedom of love.

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