The wrong lineage

So we found ourselves not in God’s lineage and not connected to God as his children, but connected to evil.

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This fall away from God could only occur while we were immature, while we were still in our growth period and ever since then God has been working to bring humankind back to this level of maturity.

As the Human race has matured, so our love and appreciation for things and other people has deepened. What is it that has enabled us to grow?

- revealed truth through Scripture which teaches us to relate better to God, to each other, and to our society and world -

- and our life’s experiences through following the Scriptures.

As individuals we have followed many paths in order to develop ourselves, and we have followed individuals who have shown us the way.

So now at this time those of us who have followed God’s way sincerely have matured to the stage of heart where God wants us to establish families as He originally intended. Without a loving family we can never experience the four relationships of heart.

Don’t you think God would like to dwell amongst our families?

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