Problems, problems ...

We can see that society is beset with many problems that stem from the breakdown of the family. Why are families then so weak? What happened to the family?

Families have never worked very well because the pattern for an ideal family was never realised. The Family Federation view of God is that He created us for the purpose of having a relationship with us. Thus He is our Father, and we are His sons and daughters.

We are the family of humankind.

And as the children of God we need to inherit the nature of true love from God. Our early ancestors fell away from God and the ideal world which God intended was lost.

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As mankind developed then, we did so without any connection with God and instead of maturing and ripening our love as individuals and entering into a mature marriage relationship blessed by God we found ourselves struggling with the desire to do evil things and unable to feel God’s heart.

Thus people marry and have children and families, but with little or no relationship with God and with only a limited amount of God’s blessing or grace.

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