World CARP News

Volume 2, Issue 3

Page 8

Peace Ambassadors Emerge From Campus

Shen, Su-Lu
The Mister and Miss University Pageant moved in a new direction this year by including a Service for Peace program for all candidates as part of their orientation. They brought gifts and friendship to Korean orphans and children with special needs before the contest, and it moved them all deeply to work for peace.
20 participants representing 11 countries entered this the 24th international pageant, which has advocated 'World Peace' and 'Purity' since it was founded in 1978. The winners will work with Service for Peace as Campus Ambassadors for One Global Family.
The final phase of the pageant, the talent presentations and public interviews, took place in the Little Angels Art Performance Center in Seoul on Valentines Day. Many participants spoke before performing to express their ideas and they touched people's heart deeply. Each of them showed their characteristics and their concerns through the forms of martial arts, singing, dancing or skits.
However, for me the most important and most interesting section were the public interviews. Candidates were first asked that what they would want to do if they became the President of their nations, and then what they would want to do to bring world peace if they won the honor of Mister or Miss University.
Mr. Japan, the eventual winner, pointed out that the education system would be what he wanted to change in order to help young people solve their confusion of not knowing where to go, what to do and how to value life and other's lives. Miss Thailand said that keeping the heart of living for others would be the real beginning, and that she would dedicate herself to various volunteer project to fulfill world peace.
International Staff  Take Ownership
Event organizer Tetsuo O. said that this year's event was the best in many ways. "This time we brought in Bulgarian, Hungarian, Thai, Kenyan as well as the Korean and Japanese staff to take care of the participants." he said. "The team helped to project the international flavor of the event, and the participants could learn from the staff a model of an international community. In this way we were able to train and educate the chapter MMU coordi

Above: The 20 candidates present themselves to the audience.
Left: Mr. and Miss USA bring the American spirit to life.
Right: Mr. and Miss Korea in traditional Royal costumes.-

nators and at the same time create a strong international network.
We also received testimonies that many chapters were able to develop sponsors and supporters in the process of raising the money, which showed them more possibility for the future. This made the chapters more involved and interested in the management of MMU."

Su Lu is the new World CARP--Taiwan Correspondent