March 2002

Young People and the Future

Volume 2, Issue 3


The future lies with the youth! How often we hear that! And this is not just wishful thinking on the part of the young, for demographic researchers tell us that young people under 35 are the ones whose decisions determine the future political, social, cultural and economic courses of every nation. According to the United Nations department of statistics, almost 70% of the entire world population is under age 30, and the number is growing.
But what kind of influence do we have? All over the world, young people are hurting and killing each other in endless political and racial disputes and cultural or religious discord. This month, tit-for-tat violence in the Middle East reached new depths of mindless ferocity and hundreds are dying. In Africa, millions of lives are being destroyed through AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
At the World CARP Convention in Seoul last month, thousands of young people from over thirty nations gathered in peace to study the answer to all these problems. We have to love each other, to serve each other. This means learning to live for the sake of others.

Unity of National Chapter Flags at the Convention

This is not something that can be learned in a classroom or a religious service. It has to be personally experienced, first in the family and in the community.
2000 years ago Jesus Christ told us to 'love your neighbor' and 'love your enemy.' World CARP exists to encourage all young people, regardless of race, religion or creed to join together in living and loving for the sake of others. We hold the future in our hands!

Dreams and Fireworks

Michael Balcomb

Everyone who watched the World CARP Convention at the Olympic Weightlifting Stadium - and there were more than 4,000 who did - came away deeply impressed. From start to finish, this was a first class event on a par with any in the 1988 Seoul Olympics for which the arena was built.
As spotlights and strobes split the air, the program began with a rousing parade of the of flags 32 nations representing the more

than 110 chapters of World CARP. The MCs Miss Yeunwoo Cho and Hyung Dok Kim, a senior at Yonsei University welcomed the huge crowd and promised the best convention ever.
We then watched several impressive new videos introducing World CARP and the Service for Peace ideal, videos worthy of MTV but about ten times as wholesome.
Service for Peace International Director Robert Kittel told the story of the meteoric

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