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for free. Why? Because I wanted you all to have ownership over the dream and vision that I am sharing.
What is the paradigm shift? It starts from the inside out, not the outside in. It is a value centered transformation that is not relative but absolute, rooted in the truth of living for the sake of others. When you do that you can see the value in others, whoever they are. Like God, you become blind to differences of race, religion and color.
This change is coming just as surely as night turns into day. That is why I am giving this motto of Breakthrough 2003 one year early. We will pierce the veil of the satanic world and reveal it for what it is. Although the world may push against us, we will push back and we will win! Are you going to sit on the sidelines and watch, saying it can't be done? Or will you stand defiant in the face of the naysayers and prove them wrong?
It all starts with our dream. Every change in history started with a dream. How beautiful is this dream of Service for Peace, building a new alternative culture? Let go of all your baggage and difficulties of the past. You don't need to do anything but dream of the future!
I'm going to leave you all with a challenge. How many of you are willing to take ownership over this dream of Service for Peace? How many are willing to dream the greatest dream of all, to build the ideal, God centered family? If you are willing to do it, stand up, raise your hands and shout 'Amen!'

Conference Impressions

Anne-Marie Weinmann, Washington DC

We have to cultivate a lifestyle of living for the sake of others that will bring about harmonious, loving families. These families then can show an example in the society and transform the nation and world into an unselfish humankind, that lives as members of the same family under the parenthood of God. Once again Hyun Jin Moon encouraged us to break out of the self-centered habits of today's culture and believe in the power of True Love that will bring our dreams into reality. He strongly challenged the youth to dream and think big and believe that this world can change and become peaceful again, where God can live with His children in joy and happiness!

Mila Buzu, Kishinev

Who is the youngest person on Earth? The one with the strongest ability to dream! The W-CARP President fired up the hearts of thousands of young people by asking us challenging questions. "Will you take ownership to breakthrough the culture of the present world and set God's long cherished ideal in motion? Will you love this nation of Korea and spread this love through Service for Peace to every corner of this nation? Do you believe CARP is a strong force that will keep fighting despite opposition? World CARP members should be able to dream again, and dream big!"

From top: A packed house at the Olympic Weightlifting Gymnasium; The World CARP Korea Dancers; and "Great Balls of Fire" by Hyun Jin Moon and company. Photos: Seiji Kimura.