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World CARP News

Volume 2, Issue 1

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Effective MFT: Leadership Training & Solutions
Internal significance and purpose of fundraising including Hyun Jin Nim's recent guidance on the seven year course of the 2nd generation & the World CARP MFT and insight on how to raise up MFT captains. There will also be vital practical information on topics such as Organization, Schedule, Results, Products, Transportation, Communication and Safety Education.

Presenter: Ittetsu Aoki

Successful Reporting and Photography
We need a system where all chapters can instantly and easily report about their activities and results to the World CARP HQ and so to be shared to the world. We want to improve in video, internet and print. During the whole convention, reporters, writers and photographers from each chapter will participate in a "hands on" workshop covering the event. Participants will learn and practice basic skills of reporting and article writing, and the essentials of successful event and interview photography and audio recording.

Presenter: Michael Balcomb

Becoming a Peacemaker on Campus
The need for moral education is clear but public education is often lacking in moral content. Morality is often linked with religion and governments are fearful of encountering controversy by seeming to venture into the realm of religion. Then how can we introduce a spiritual perspective into our schools?
Presenter: Tom Phillips

Partnering with Public Officials
This session will share the experiences of the American Leadership Conferences, American Family Coalition, and Washington Times Foundation in educating over 30,000 state and national legislators, civic, media and community leaders around the themes of "Faith, Family and Freedom," and how principled content can be coupled with sound public policies and innovative community solutions to advance national renewal.  Mr. Caprara will relate how these American leadership development experiences can be applied in advancing Service for Peace initiatives.

Presenter: David Caprara

Making Strategic Plans and Reports
This presentation explains how to make a strategic plan and report. It includes the detailed items to be considered at each step of planning. Participants will learn the method of strategic planning and report for specific topics, learning by example from the strategic plan and report prepared for the Unification of Korea.

Presenter: Baeksan Kim

Effective Communication through Digital Technology
What does that really mean, and how can World CARP members take advantage of the resources being made available through the World CARP Website and the new virtual intranet? How can we contribute towards making World CARP a truly digital organization? Participants learn to utilize World CARP's digital assets including the website and email system.

Presenters: Inseok Yu, Michael Balcomb

Getting Known Through Buzz Marketing
What is buzz marketing? Learn Buzz tools you can use to create participation in your events and make your organization a brand that is known in the public consciousness.  We will try to use these tools immediately for the planned February Service for Peace project in Korea.

Presenter: Kent Trabing

Personnel Management Techniques
Every organizational relationship must be based on an understanding of expectations and performance. Study a clear system of personnel management and evaluation, based on over 9 years experience of working with Hyun Jin Nim for in the United Vision Group, Inc. businesses, with a little help from Columbia Business School on the way.
The  Systems include record keeping, evaluation, advancement, and progressive discipline.

Presenter: Ken  Bates

Knowing and Reaching Your Target Audience
Who are we trying to reach? What do they like to read, see and hear? How can we evaluate our current publications and presentations? What can we learn from our competitors and from other non-profits and student associations? How can we open new channels of communication? How can we use existing media and marketing methods to  fully communicate the message of Service for Peace?

Presenter: Thomas P. McDevitt

Organization Management Skills
Why do organizations exist and do what they do? Why do they sometimes falter or even die? What is management's role? How to plan? How to organize? How to lead high performance? How to solve problems?

Presenter: Kent Trabing

Family as a School of Love
A sample of the approach taken by the International Educational Foundation in presenting Divine Principle and Unification Thought in a secular environment. This particular presentation will describe the Three Blessings in terms of the life goals of Mature Character; Loving Relationships and Family; and Creative Mastery Through True Love.

Presenter: Tom Phillips

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