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Jan/Feb 2002

World CARP Convention

Volume 2, Issue 1

Double Issue!

Michael Balcomb

It scarcely seems possible, but a whole year has passed since the 2001 World CARP Convention in New York City. The other day, as I was driving across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge with three friends from Britain, we all paused for a deep breath as we saw again the gaping hole in the New York skyline left by the September 11th terror. Our boat cruise by the World Trade Center during the Convention last year has become a very poignant memory.
How appropriate it is that this year we have the twin convention themes of 'Creating A Revolution of Heart' and 'Breakthrough 2003.' Now more than ever we feel that young people hold the keys to world peace--if we can set down the baggage and hatred of previous generations and learn to live for the sake of others. The convention will set the scene for the major breakthrough planned this year and next.
Right after the CARP Convention, and as part of WCSF, we will be going out to the streets of Seoul and other major Korean cities to engage in several exciting service projects.

The 2001 Convention was held in New York

In this way, everyone who comes to the convention has the chance to not just come to Korea to receive, but to give something back through a few days of Service for Peace for the Korean people.
Whatever your plans, please make sure you set time aside from the 18th through the 20th of February to help bring about the revolution of heart! All volunteers are warmly welcomed!

A Tale of Two Cities

Sasha Yershov

No, not Dickens's London and Paris, but a little further East in Moscow and Tokyo. In an exciting new Program all World CARP members now have a chance to work overseas. Recently, US and Japanese members came to Russia, and Russians went to Japan. The US members in Moscow were featured in last month's World CARP News.
Eight World CARP members from Japan recently completed their first program in

Moscow. From the beginning, the Russian staff members knew that it would not be an easy task for foreigners to bring a substantial witnessing result in just one month. Most important was the internal educational impact this international exchange program would have.
The Japanese members were impressed by two key aspects of World CARP-Russia: our passion for witnessing and our daily lifestyle.

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