Father says a man's number one responsibility is to protect women. The second obligation is to lead women. Father says, "Men have broad shoulders. Women are meant to hide behind them; that is why they are built smaller. Women are meant to be protected by men. This is not Rev. Moon's law, but the law of nature. The role of the center or subject is to protect all the objects. The first obligation of the subject is to protect, the second is to lead. Men should not follow after women; women are supposed to follow after men."

The Bible explains that women are the "weaker" sex. It doesn't say they are weak, inferior or of lesser value than men. It is the order of things for the strong to protect the weak. Women are to protect their babies, to care for the old and sick, and home school their children. Older children protect the younger. The police are good men who fight violent men from within the nation, and the military is supposed to be made up of good men who fight violent men from outside our nation.

Divine order

This divine order of protection that has existed for centuries was thrown out by the philosophies of communism, socialism, and feminism which interchanges, mixes up and blurs the roles of men and women. In the 20th century women protect men. Women have left the home to become cops and fighter pilots.

It's common now for Hollywood to portray women beating up men on TV and in movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the ultimate strong man. In one movie, Terminator 2, a woman is totally fearless as she fights countless men. In real life, her husband walked out of their marriage as she was filming it. In another movie Arnold plays a man who gets pregnant. His co-star, Emma Thompson, ended her marriage while working on this film. She said she had been working on so many films and away from her husband so long that love died in their marriage. We are truly living in the last days of absolute total confusion and chaos. The world is like the movie The Poseidon Adventure where everything is turned upside down, and people are going the wrong direction to get saved. The insane ideology of feminism that men and women are the same is the reigning ideology and has brought untold tragedy to America and the UC.

It's amazing to see how mixed up Satan makes people. So often people will hold feminist views but act in unfeminist ways, and some will hold anti-feminist views and act feminist or mix up their beliefs and actions -- all because they live in a fog and are pushed around by spirit world never aware of their conflicting ideologies. People normally don't think about things. They are preoccupied with making a living and doing all the busy work. Everyone just accepts the atmosphere the dedicated feminists have created. The voice of the opposition has been too tiny to hear. An example of this is a story in People magazine of a famous movie star, Kirstie Alley. She is a feminist in movies, but a traditonalist at home. We read that she "has played her share of strong onscreen characters ... But in real life she prefers to be deferential -- 'This sounds very unfeminist, but I think there has to be a boss in every arrangement, and I prefer it being a man,' says Alley, 40, who has two children with her husband, actor Parker Stevenson. 'If an intruder breaks in, I'm not going to say, 'Honey, give me the gun.' Parker and I have what I call the burglar relationship. I wouldn't think of going down to see who broke into the house, and he wouldn't think of letting me. I think it's romantic." She's right. A man being the head of the house and her protector is romantic. It would be even more romantic if she became totally "unfeminist " and quit working and stop influencing other women to be independent. A movie that symbolizes what this book is about is Back to the Future. A young man goes back in time and inspires his father to change from being a wimp to a man who becomes bold and courageous by protecting women, namely his wife. When the young man goes back to the present his whole family has changed. Before they were poor, fat and walked on by a bully. Now they are wealthy, trim and dominate the bad guy. This book is an attempt to get America and the UC to change by going back to biblical values like protecting women. These are the same values that Father teaches.

Women soldiers

As women left the home more every decade in the 20th century the country has declined until now we have women fighting in the Gulf War. Two women were captured by Iraqi men soldiers. Both were sexually assaulted. One wrote a book and encouraged women to fight. Her personal life is one of divorce and having only one child. To add insult to injury some women are now generals and lead every man on their military base. In her book She Went To War, Rhonda Cornum tells her story of how she was shot down in the Gulf War and only she and another man survived the crash. She had broken bones. In the truck taking them to a prison camp, she was molested in front of her fellow soldier who could do nothing but watch. She wrote that she appreciated other Iraqi soldiers who helped her undress and dress when she had to go to the bathroom. They were decent and tried to avert their eyes. She writes, "I appreciated what these men had done for me " But she was not happy about the soldier who had molested her and another soldier who taken her wedding ring. This ring was from her second husband who was also in the military. Her first husband has custody of their daughter because her career protecting them and us keeps her from caring for one child and from having more children. Kory, her husband, is physically big. She writes that of the two Iraqi soldiers she was angrier at the one who took her ring than the one who molested her.

Earlier she told how she screamed in pain in the truck while her molester was taking off her flight uniform because of her broken bones and injuries. She writes "I did not appreciate the guy kissing me and touching me -- I would 've loved to let Kory spend a few minutes with him. And for the soldier who had taken my ring, I wished only the worst. I imagined our guys going in there and blowing up everything. I resented that they took my ring. I didn 't have any problem with them capturing me; we would have done the same thing if we had shot down an Iraqi helicopter. Obviously, the military exists to break things and kill people, but stealing was not acceptable. "

Did you follow this logic? Her ring means more than her private parts. Her husband is supposed to protect her by beating up the bad guy. "Guys " are supposed to blow away the enemy. This is a woman who has an advanced degree. She 's even a M.D. This is the result of our schools producing doctors -- brainless people completely out of order.

An excellent book on the madness of feminism is  Why Women and Power Don't Mix: The Perils of Feminism by J.P. McDermott.  He writes that feminists "argue that women should be allowed to perform any combat role, as a right.  The following example epitomizes the astounding lengths to which feminists may go with feminist illogic to rationalize their desires, or what they perceive as their needs.  It is also an appropriate example of the type of feminist arguments we are continually faced with."

"Shortly after the Persian Gulf War, despite attempts to scuttle it, the story came out in the press about Major Rhonda Cornum being sexually violated while held captive by the Iraqis."  She said, "Everyone's made such a big deal about this indecent assault.  But the only thing that makes it indecent is that it was non-consensual.  I asked myself, 'Is this going to prevent me from getting out of here?  Is there a risk of death attached to it?  Is it permanently disabling?  Is it permanently disfiguring?  Lastly, is is excruciating?'  If it doesn't fit one of those five categories, then it isn't important."

McDermott writes, "In this case, feminist Major Cornum used feminist logic in an attempt to ease her concerns that women won't be allowed in combat for fear that those who become prisoners will be raped, and will suffer the normal, negative consequences of being raped.  In other words, for the right to fight in combat alongside men, she is willing to deny that being raped is either excruciating or even important!"

"Rape is a serious crime, and should continue to be considered so.  It should be punished severely because rape is one of the most traumatic events anyone (male or female) can experience.  Most of us wouldn't want to live in a society where rape was classified only as 'indecent,' as Major Cornum would have us believe, rather than as important or excruciating.  Such a society would dehumanize all of us, and would further de-feminize women."

Weak Link

A reviewer wrote, "In Weak Link: The Feminization of the American Military, army veteran Brian Mitchell argues that women have had a profoundly disruptive and negative effect on the fighting capabilities of the American armed forces. Mitchell shows how the service academies have had their morale, traditions, and standards shattered by the enrollment of women. "

We read in The Weak Link: "Despite proud boasts that women can easily 'do Ranger school, ' no woman presently in service has done anything like it. Not one of them has ever walked day and night through freezing rain, up and down the Tennessee Valley Divide with a 70-pound ruck on her back and a 23-pound machinegun in her arms. Not one of them has gone nine days without sleep, with a single cold meal a day and nothing over her head but a canvas cap. "

"Such are the discomforts of not combat but training. Combat -- the business of barbarians, Byron 's 'brain-spattering windpipe-slitting art ' -- is many times worse. Of his time as a Marine Platoon commander in Vietnam, James Webb wrote: 'We would go months without bathing, except when we could stand naked among each other next to a village well or in a stream or in the muddy water of a bomb crater. It was nothing to begin walking at midnight, laden with packs and weapons and ammunition and supplies, seventy pounds or more of gear, and still be walking when the sun broke over mud-slick paddies that had sucked our boots all night. We carried our own gear and when we took casualties we carried the weapons of those who had been hit. "

"When we stopped moving we started digging, furiously throwing out the heavy soil until we had made chest-deep fighting holes.... We slept in makeshift hooches made out of ponchos, or simply wrapped up in a poncho, sometimes so exhausted that we did not feel the rain fall on our own faces. Most of us caught hookworm, dysentery, malaria, or yaws, and some of us had all of them."

"We became vicious and aggressive and debased, and reveled in it, because combat is all of those things and we were surviving. I once woke up in the middle of the night to sounds of one of my machinegunners stabbing an already dead enemy soldier, emptying his fear and frustrations into the corpse 's chest. . . . ' "

The Weak Link ends by saying we must have the guts and sense to stand up against the "civic religion of equality": "An armed force half female may seem unthinkable, but our civic religion of equality demands it and the military's official non-position on women in combat allows it. The American public is being lulled into the mistaken belief that women can, indeed, perform as well as men in all military jobs. Certainly nothing said publicly today by any admiral or general would contradict that belief. One hopes that before we arrive at full sexual equality in the military, before the next war, brave men in uniform will stand up and speak out. Thus far, however, the brave march of folly has proceeded at a measured pace, and few have shown the selflessness, understanding, courage, or concern to fall on their sword to stop the disastrous triumph of ideology over reality."

Man is lord

Father says men have authority. Women are weaker and look pathetic when trying to lead. He says, "Man has to work. What kind of work? He has to pioneer something. Human beings are called the Lords of creation. The word 'Lord' sounds as if it refers to a man, doesn't it? How would you feel if a little beardless woman with little fist and slender face stood up shouting, 'I am the Lord of all creation?' Think about it. No matter how many times she shouted, her voice would sound feminine. What if a man with a somewhat thick voice shouted, 'I am the Lord of all creation. ' How would you feel? Even all the women would agree with his claim after hearing his voice. "

"When men are fighting, if a woman tries to intervene, saying, 'Go away, ' how do you feel? But when a man with his fist clenched firmly says, 'Hey! Beat it; get outta here, ' at least it sounds authentic. "

"In this view, it is better for man to take the first position as the 'Lord.' The Lord is supposed to be different from others; he is supposed to carry at least one more item than the other creature. Man carries one more item than woman: his moustache. The moustache makes man qualified as the 'Lord.' Heavenly Father is truly mathematical."

Women fighter pilots

Satan's mathematics are quotas in the police force (legislated by feminists) for "beardless women with little fists." Recently the Senate voted women the right to be fighter pilots. Even conservative senators voted for this absurdity. The argument is that women don't need strength in the cockpit. Typical of this century is a total lack of reality. What happens when women are shot down and become POWS? Some pilots in the Vietnam War were prisoners and tortured brutally for seven years. A woman would have the added torture of being gang raped for those seven years. Another argument against this is that when they landed after being shot down, they may have to fight men in hand-to-hand combat. In the movie Bat 21 Gene Hackman plays a true story of a 50 year old man that was on a reconnaissance plane over Vietnam and was the sole survivor when they were shot down. Hackman had to kill a man in self defense. War is hell, but conservatives like Pat Robertson are for women combat pilots and fall for Satan's feminist ideology. Another argument against women fighter pilots is that it ignores the basic truth that men are more aggressive than women. My wife cannot kill a bug. My young sons can crush it without thinking. Women should not compete with men in the competitive workplace either. It demeans both men and women. Women should never lead and protect men. But it is the norm in our culture.

A woman general, Jeanne Holm, wrote a book, Women in the Military: An Unfinished Revolution. She pushes for women to be in combat. In her book she tells the story of how Congress passed legislation allowing women to be combat pilots. It is sad to see men voting for this abomination. Several senators were even Republican like Warner and Roth. General Norman Schwarzkopf advocated women as fighter pilots. When the debates were going on Phyllis Schlafly, bless her heart, led some conservative women to fight against it in Washington D.C. A few prominent people testified against it, such as a former Marine General. But congresswoman Pat Schroeder and others were on a roll. She said, "There were a lot of cowardly lions roaring in the cloakroom, but they wouldn't go out on the floor and vote against it...The Persian Gulf helped collapse the whole chivalrous notion that women could be kept out of danger in a war." Senator Warner in an interview said that women should also be combat fighters, not just combat pilots. He said, "If women are going to take the risks in the rear, and they are willing to take the risks in the forward positions, can we as a matter of law deny that?...There is no safe area now in a combat zone, front or back." This shows that men and women have hit rock bottom in America. Women should not be allowed to even go to war and women should not be "willing to take the risks." If suffragists had seen that the result of their efforts would be Pat Shroeder they would never have given women political power.

Women Firefighters

Carlton Manhood ReduxFreedman in his excellent book, Manhood Redux, paints vivid pictures and writes with red-hot passion about this madness. He has done his homework and gives many examples of tragedies caused by weak women endangering lives since they have invaded these masculine realms. He explains how physical requirements are watered down for the police, military academies like West Point and Annapolis, and firefighting: "The hand-grip portion of the standard test was eliminated entirely, obviously because most women have negligible gripping strength. But the official reason given, predictably, was that it had nothing to do with fighting fires. A month later the Times gave its editorial endorsement to this sham .... Mary Matthews, the first woman to be hired in Seattle's pioneer 'affirmative action' program, died when she lost her grip as the fire truck she was riding rounded a corner .... The report on Matthews in the paper in which I saw it was headlined, 'Pioneer firefem dies in mishap.' Some might take vigorous exception to that, I certainly did. It was a mishap in the same sense that the death of a 2-year-old who was set free to wander by himself around a busy intersection could be called a traffic accident. And the blood of that woman, as well as the blood of all those who will needlessly die in fires because of the mania to eliminate sexual differences, is on those who have insisted on lowered standards for firefighters."

The most dangerous occupation on earth is firefighting. It is more dangerous to be a firefighter than it is to be a soldier or a police officer. Phyllis Schlafly in The Positive Woman writes, "More recently women have been demanding jobs in fire departments. Not only is a fireman's work beyond the physical strength of nearly all women, but the work pattern of firemen, involving long hours of living, working, and sleeping together, makes a sex-integrated fire department incompatible with community morals and customs. Ask yourself: When you are rescued from the third floor of a burning building, do you want to be carried down the ladder by a man or a woman? Are you satisfied with the knowledge that a 'person' will respond to your fire alarm?"

Women Cops

Another example of blood "needlessly spilled all across this land in an attempt to vindicate the mad feminist assertion that there are no inherent differences between the sexes" is a case in Hollywood, Fla. of "two women, neither of whom was a criminal, were shot to death in an incident that might well have been avoided. Following an auto accident, the female motorist involved went berserk and fatally wounded female officer Frankie Shivers with her own gun. The motorist, in turn, was then killed by other cops. Why? Why did these two women needlessly suffer violent death? Guns are wrested from females largely because they possess insufficient grip strength. Yet, grip-strength tests have been ordered removed from police qualifying tests for the simple reason women can't pass them. 'Not job-related' rule the judges -- who themselves never had to go on patrol with a wisp of a cop who couldn't hold on to a boy toy poodle that smelled a girl toy poodle, let alone a lethal weapon in a violent confrontation .... Many other tests that used to insure that cops would be somewhere near as physically capable as the lawbreakers they have to encounter have been thrown out in order to accommodate the litigating ladies. And the lawsuits go on and on -- not only lowering police standards but burdening the taxpayers, who must pay for all the litigation and in many cases the budget-breaking court awards that follow."

Freedman gives many examples of women cops endangering lives because they are too weak and in some cases so scared they call other cops to help them when any man cop would have handled the situation. An example of this is Glenda Rudolphy and Katherine Perkins who were dismissed from the Detroit Police Department because of cowardice -- "a charge that in the pre-female 'cop' era was brought rarely if ever. These women were patrolling together when they came across a naked man dancing in the street and burning money. Apparently, they didn't feel up to handling it themselves, so they did what so many female officers do these days: They called for a cop." Freedman says male cops are afraid to say anything because they will lose their jobs or be sued, so they get into their police car with a weak woman and drive around all day together chasing after strong, violent men. He gave one example that is almost too gross to imagine. A man and woman cop came across a robbery in a New York City deli and the robber easily took the gun from the female cop and shot the male cop just as he shot him. The New York Times had a big article of the bravery of this little woman cop, and Mayor Koch gave her an award. The Deli manager and bystanders protested this abomination, but nobody quoted them. The woman cop then preceded to sue the city for damages because she hurt her back and was awarded a huge amount of money as she takes time off to heal. It is insanity. And everybody thinks it is wonderful we have progressed "beyond" the "rigid" Victorians who kept the women at home.

One argument for having women cops is that only women should touch other women in body searches. This can be done by women at the precinct who are not out on the streets. On the streets, if a woman needs to be frisked then this is the transition and cops have certain rights and have the right to frisk women without of course going too far. I don 't believe women should generally be examined in their private parts by male doctors. Male gynecologisits for example is wrong. But women should not be cops because it is too dangerous and is unfeminine. Again we are living in the transition and many women have to work. I understand that. But Helen Andelin is right in saying those women who must work should do work that is traditionally feminine.

Another argument for women being out in the field with men cops is the belief that they are better at conflict resolution and can prevent some situations from getting violent better than male cops. Even if it were true, women shouldn 't be out there because this is no place for women. If physical force is needed, as it often is, women are simply too weak next to most men and create more problems than they can solve out there. There is also the tempatation for violent men to take chances they might not with a woman instead of a man, and women might also upset some men 's ego just because they are a woman and telling him what to do. As for women being better at negotiating in the market place or with violent criminals in deserted alleys, I think men are better simply because this is their realm.