My journey in Life - A Student Textbook for Character Education - Joon Ho Seuk - 2002 (pdf)

 Table of Contents (pdf)

Cover, Comments on the Course, Preface, Historical Background, On the Way to Self-Realization, Table of Contents, Introduction, Back Cover (pdf)

1. What Kind of Person Should I Become? (pdf)

2. Do You Want to Be Happy? (pdf)

3. The Way to Know Yourself (pdf)

4. There is More to Life Than Meets the Eye (pdf)

5. The World of Relationships (pdf)

6. Human Nature (pdf)

7. Life After Life (pdf)

8. Searching for Meaning (pdf)

9. Science and Religion (pdf)

10. The Divine Nature (pdf)

11. Religion and Society (pdf)

12. Confucianism: The Life of Confucius (pdf)

13. The Teachings of Confucianism (pdf)

14. What Do We Live For? (pdf)

15. Beauty Will Save the World (pdf)

16. Buddhism: The Life of Buddha (pdf)

17. The Teachings of Buddhism (pdf)

18. The Value of Life (pdf)

19. Awareness of Resistance (pdf)

20. Judaism: A Covenant Relationship (pdf)

21. The Teachings of Judaism (pdf)

22. Good and Evil (pdf)

23. The Holocaust (pdf)

24. Islam: The Life of Muhammad (pdf)

25. The Teachings of Islam (pdf)

26. Peer Pressure (pdf)

27. Smoking, Drinking and Drugs (pdf)

28. Christianity: The Life of Jesus (pdf)

29. The Teachings of Christianity (pdf)

30. Forgiveness (pdf)

31. A World of Good Actions (pdf)

32. Non-Violent Change (pdf)

33. Respect and Tolerance (pdf)

34. Me and My Shadow (pdf)

35. Freedom and Responsibility (pdf)

36. Conscience (pdf)

37. Honesty (pdf)

38. Personal Influence (pdf)

39. Being You (pdf)

40. Friendship (pdf)

41. The Most Noble Life (pdf)

42. The Process of Growth (pdf)

43. My Purpose in Life (pdf)

44. The Way to Unification (pdf)

45. Choose Your Destiny (pdf)

46. The Challenge of Life (pdf)

References (pdf)

Suggested Readings (pdf)

Acknowledgements (pdf)

Tparents Home (pdf)

Moon Family Page (pdf)

Unification Library (pdf)