St. Augustine's Confessions from the Spiritual World

by Young Soon Kim

St. Augustine's Confessions from the Spiritual World [Part 4]

Channeled by Young Soon Kim (The Reporter)
August 2000

7. The Final Destination of Human Beings

We human beings come from dust and return to dust. This is how simple our final destination is. For us, the earth is a momentary world, while the spiritual world is an eternal world. We are created in such a way that our body lives on earth, and our spirit in the spiritual world, so we live in the momentary world on earth and then proceed to the eternal world in the spiritual world. We are supposed to return to the eternal world and live with God eternally. We cannot go there with our body.

Then what do we bring with us? Only our spirit self goes to the eternal world and takes with it the values and fruits we have produced through our lives on earth. In this world, no one issues commands or provides a guide as on earth; each person is to find his own way. Just as the four seasons do not come by someone's orders, this rule has been in effect without change ever since God's creation of the universe. We take with us the standards and fruits of our lives in entirety to the eternal world. This is a heavenly principle.

Who can replace winter with spring when he dislikes winter? As we cannot stop the heavenly principle, our place in the eternal world is determined through our earthly life.

Therefore, in planning your earthly life you should be more concerned with your place in the eternal world rather than your momentary position on earth. This is the significance of our earthly life.

(1) Life on Earth

As I have already mentioned, from birth to death human beings live in the body. We need our body only during our life on earth, and not in the eternal world. Hence, for the sake of the eternal world, on earth we should prepare for the growth of our spirit. Unlike the earthly life, there is no distinction of first and last in this world. Your accomplishments themselves will become your reality in the spiritual world. The spirit self can hardly grow after being separated from the physical self, nor can it make restitution for its wrong doings once it has left the earth.

Gypsies, because they do not know when they will leave their dwelling places, always live in temporary huts. What if Gypsies have built and decorated a house like a palace when they find themselves forced to leave? Who would be more foolish than this? Our lives on earth are similar to that of Gypsies.

It is proper that we live on earth with this kind of heart in preparation for our lives in the spiritual world. What we are not to forget is that on earth we should prepare a house for our spirit self rather than for our physical self, and that the house of our spirit self is built while we are on earth. If you only build a house for your body on earth and come to this spiritual world, you will find yourself with no shelter and thus end up as a beggar.

And there is only one sure way in which we can secure our eternal home, and this is to receive the Messiah, our True Parents, on earth and live earnestly according to their direction. Then, a palace of golden colors will be your eternal home.

Therefore, you should never fall out of the Messianic realm of living. As long as you are within this realm, although you may be covered with all sorts of filth or you may be hanging on at the end of the line, you will still be able to escape the fate of a beggar. As for myself, although I have not been able to benefit from the merit of the age, I still had an opportunity here in the spiritual world to meet the new truth and be converted. You myriad of people of faith! You Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Confucianists, and followers of other religions! I strongly wish that you transcend denominational boundaries and produce a sweet fruit in your earthly life. I wish for you that you make a good choice in your short earthly life so that you can live eternally with God in the golden nest.

(2) Everlasting Life in the Spiritual World

We human beings live on earth for a short while and then proceed to the spiritual world for eternal life. Very few people would be content with a mediocre life on earth, and most people work hard to improve their lives as if they could live on earth forever. If such people should suddenly die someday totally unprepared, they would find no place to stay in the spiritual world and end up as beggars.

Earlier, I mentioned many times this reality of the spiritual world, and yet I want to emphasize it again now. We have an eternal world to go to, and this is the final destination of our lives. When we arrive at our final destination after a long journey, we unpack, feel relief, and settle down. But if the journey is not yet over, we will be unable to unpack or relax our mind and body. This spiritual world is the final destination of human life, a nest where we are to build our everlasting life.

But if your place of settlement and eternal home is not prepared, what are you going to do? You build your eternal house, not while you are in the spiritual world, but while you are on earth. You should plan and build while on earth a beautiful house for the spiritual world. For farmers who have toiled and sweated from spring to fall, the autumn harvest will bring them riches, and they will not go hungry over the winter. No one will be able to take their harvest away from them because it is the fruit of their hard work over the past seasons. In like manner how you live your earthly life will determine whether you have a palace or a shack in the spiritual world. There may be people who do not have even a shack or a small patch of land in the spiritual world.

Do you understand what this means? If you have lived only for your individual benefit, no one will prepare a place for you here. On earth, poor people can manage to live on charity and neighbors' help, but here, no one will pity or help you because all your heart will show even if you try to cover it in many different ways. Who can send back winter by saying, "Go away winter for I do not like you?" If you said to autumn, "I like your atmosphere and scenery, autumn, so stay with me all the time," would it really do so? No one can stop the heavenly principle. The spiritual world operates according to the heavenly principle without a fraction of error.

You people on earth! Please heed my earnest plea. Do you know about St. Augustine? Do you know about the earthly life of St. Augustine? Although I had lived on earth a life of Catholic faith as diligently as anyone could, I could not but turn myself around in the spiritual world after awakening to the Unification Principle. I have entrusted all myself to the new truth and completely emptied myself. I could only be silent before the truth.

The Unification Principle is truly life's tonic and a formula that any human being should know and follow without exception. Who is Rev. Moon, who has revealed the Unification Principle? Study him deeply. Since he is living with the same body and in the same environment as earthly people, they can judge him only through their physical eyes. I, St. Augustine, earnestly plead with you not to let the tragedy of the cross be reenacted, a tragedy caused by the failure of the Jewish people to recognize Jesus.

Here, Jesus also came to serve him as the True Parents and receive the Blessing. Earthly people! In these pages I am conveying to you the reality of the spiritual world as clearly as I can in order to help save your souls. I emphasize again and again that the Messiah to come is none other than Rev. Moon. I ask you to serve him and live by his teaching. For your eternal soul, I earnestly wish that you reform and purify your earthly life before coming here. This is my last message.

Part II Correspondence between St. Augustine and Lady Hyun Shil Kang after Their Blessing

1. St. Augustine's Greetings

(1) To the True Parents

Parents of Heaven and Earth, I am St. Augustine. As for the tremendous grace I have received from you, I will never be able to describe it well enough. For me, it was an incredible blessing that I will never be able to repay. I do not know how to express my gratitude to you. I am grateful that, although Lady Hyun Shil Kang knows I am unworthy, she has still accepted me with respect, and I am also grateful beyond words that True Parents have shown a great heart of love towards me. This makes me feel even more sorry for the errors I committed in my past life. From now on, I will faithfully communicate some beneficial content that can awaken many Christians on earth. Parents of Heaven and Earth, please give me great wisdom with which to carry out this task well. Parents of Heaven and Earth, I truly thank you, and I will work harder and cultivate my life more earnestly here, so that I can live up to your expectation and restore Catholicism and Protestantism. Parents of Heaven and Earth! Please stay healthy, and realize all your grand plans and all the hopes of God. Again, I truly thank you for remembering this little Augustine.

From Augustine in heaven, 10 p.m., March 10, 2000

(2) To Lady Hyun Shil Kang

Hi. I am Augustine. I am truly grateful that you have received me respectfully and made precious spiritual conditions for me even though I am full of defects. Although I have many shortcomings, let us honor our True Parents wishes and work hard together in a cooperation of the spiritual and physical worlds in order to restore Catholicism and Protestantism. As for the works I have left on earth, I am simply sorry to the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Although I myself did not have the privilege of receiving the True Parents on earth, you have had the joy of serving the True Parents, and what woman could be more blessed than this! Then, however, am I not also blessed, to have become the husband of a blessed woman? I will give faithful replies to the many questions you have sent and faithful accounts on other matters. Let us work together to make a good textbook for the people on earth. Lady Kang! I love you and respect you. I am grateful to God and the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

From Augustine in heaven, 10 p.m., March 10, 2000

2. Lady Kang's Inquires and St. Augustine's Replies through Correspondence

(1) To what degree do you love and believe in God and True Parents and how faithfully are you following their directions?

I truthfully love, believe in, and follow God and True Parents and am willing to give my life to carry out all their orders. Doing so is my life itself. To speak more frankly, God is my parent, my life, and the whole of my being. It is indescribably painful that I have not been able to serve the Parents of Heaven and Earth on earth. But the Parents of Heaven and Earth have given me the grace of the Blessing, which is more precious than my life, and how can I be able to express my gratitude in words! I only desire to fulfill my duties as a parent and a child, and would this not be higher than obedience? I wonder if this clearly answers your question.

March 12, 2000

(2) What is the authority and stature of Father in the spiritual world? Each person will be affected differently according to the depth of their faith. How do you see it and believe it?

During my life on earth, I understood the existence of God and its value. After this awakening, I almost never pursued individual directions for my life or lived an individual life. I spent the rest of my life with one determination: to live for the sake of God. It would be meaningless to deplore my not having known about the value of the True Parents while I lived on earth, for I was not living in a time in which to benefit from the merit of the age and serve the True Parents. But if I could be reborn and serve on earth the Parents of Heaven and Earth even for a month, or even for a day, and then return to the spiritual world, I would be able to live here with much more pride.

But even here, I have understood the will of the Lord and met you in the holy name of Blessing through the grace of the Lord, and so what more can I ask for? When I go to the upper level of the Unification Realm of the Spiritual World, where Dr. Lee lives, I cannot but envy him and have regrets. I feel this more intensely to the heart especially when I listen to President Eu's Divine Principle lectures or Dr. Lee's Unification Thought lectures, as they make me strongly wish I had been born in the same age as the Messiah. If I had lived in such an age, just like Dr. Lee, I would have left many writings on the teaching of the True Parents and their vision of humanity. But I can only console myself by thinking about my immense gratitude for receiving special privileges in the spiritual world that are not available to most other spirits. Here, there are many famous people with different Yanks, and yet many of them do not know the value of the Lord.

God, True Parents, Father, and Mother, I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude. From now on, I will try to spread the news about the True Parents to the multitude of believers here in the spiritual world, distributing messages, small booklets, leaflets, etc. to them according to their situation. I am hesitating a little now, however, because I feel that it might be impertinent of me to do it right away. For a certain period, I intend to focus on broadly conveying the profound meaning of the True Parents here.

March 15, 2000

(3) How deeply do you understand the value of the True Parents' Blessing and how much gratitude and joy do you feel about it?

Earlier I have talked about the noble value of the True Parents; after having invested my utmost into serving God, I think that waiting for the One who is to come is itself very precious. Now that I have come to know the Savior of the heaven and earth and the True Parents, how can I express my joy so you can understand it? Furthermore, since I have even discovered the truth through the teaching of the True Parents and the Divine Principle, my life now is nothing but joy and gratitude.

I am so ashamed, however, when I look at the large volume of work I left on earth. When I was introduced to the teaching and truth of the True Parents through elder church members such as President Eu and Dr. Lee, who had been spiritually raised personally by the True Parents, I felt a deep inspiration and thought that I was truly blessed even though I had not personally met the True Parents yet. And now that I have even received from them the Blessing, which is most precious in the cosmos, I am simply overwhelmed with gratitude. I do not know how to convey this heart, and I feel so much pressure for not being able to do so. Since I have received such a great and uncommon blessing, I have made a determination to live for the purpose of repaying the True Parents' grace. I have heard about the value of the Blessing through the Unification Principle, and firmly believe that it is truly a marvelous grace and that the greatest tragedy of humanity is the loss of the Blessing. In this sense, I am sincerely grateful to have received through the Blessing you, Lady Kang, who have worked hard and accumulated great merits in your life on earth, while I feel so sorry about my unworthiness.

In the past, I could not offer my mind and body as wholly God's, but now that I have consecrated my mind and body through the Blessing, I will invest my best efforts to be a true child worthy to serve God and True Parents. Before God and True Parents, I want to thoroughly repent of my misguided life on earth. And by taking the grace of Blessing deep to my heart, I will strive to return glory to God and True Parents and create an exuberant family.

March 20, 2000

(4) Many Christians on earth adore and respect you. What is your relationship with God in the spiritual world and what are you currently engaged in?

Did you say that many Christians on earth are adoring Augustine? When I was on earth, I lost myself in the love of God and gave my utmost to serve God, and yet did not think deeply about the Second Advent of the Lord, although I was not totally nonchalant about it.

But I always wish I had been born and worked in a better age. The place I am in at the moment has a good environment as a land of sacred blessing. But in my relationship with God, I still cannot experience the deep heartistic bond of the parent and child; in fact, here, as in my life on earth, I am just keeping the Principle that I should serve God as my parent. Although God's love toward me seems unchanging, past or present, it seems, to be honest, that I have not yet become God's child of heart. After realizing the existence of God while on earth, I created a large corpus of humble work about Christianity. On the other hand, the True Parents have come in the Completed Testament Age and shed light on the fundamental issues concerning the providence of restoration and God's love for human beings. As I compare them, my work seems so poor and shameful. Before God and True Parents, the perspectives and opinions in my meager work embarrasses me. When you say that many Christians take delight in my philosophy and adore me, I can only take it as a praise out of your warm regard for me. Before I understood the value of the True Parents and the Unification Principle, I devoted myself to studying God from the standpoint of Christian thought; however, now, since I am now living in a realm where I can hear the Unification Principle and be near God, I am able to study the True Parents in a heart-filling adoration for them. Moreover, through the devoted philosophy lectures of Dr Lee and the heartistic Principle lectures of President Eu, I am gaining a great deal of material with which to study the value of the True Parents.

Now I am preparing to lecture the Unification Principle, for it is the truth, and there is no job more important and precious in the universe than spreading the truth. I do not know whether they will use me as a Principle lecturer, but I will strive to be a good Principle lecturer by making the same efforts as I invested on earth in my books. God once said, "Although Augustine loves God, he has not experienced God's heart." At that time, I did not know what this meant, but now its meaning is becoming clearer to me. This makes me even more sorry and at a loss before God. Lady Hyun Shil Kang! Frankly speaking in reply there are too many shameful things in my life. I always feel that had I known the Unification Principle on earth and created some works on it, I would not be as ashamed as I am now. From now on, however, I will leave this silly thought behind, and by studying the Unification Principle hard, and bearingwitness to the True Parents, I will do my best to be able to stand in the position of the true child.

March 25, 2000

(5) The good and truthful guidance you gave to many people of faith on earth have raised your stature as an object of admiration by both Protestants and Catholics. Now, how strongly do you feel the responsibility to lead them (through spiritual work) to the True Parents?

It has been an incredible glory in my life for me to have known the great will of God and True Parents, an opportunity rare to most people. I did not accept the teaching all at once, however, but only through many hard steps. Until the heartbreaking stow of the providence came home to me through my endless prayers, and careful and detailed reading of the Unification Principle, I had to struggle fiercely in my heart and spend considerable time.

One problem that was especially difficult for me was the part on the advent of the Messiah: it was very hard to digest the fact that many truly devout Christians could not enjoy the merit of the age when the True Parents of mankind came, whom we human beings need the most.

I, myself, had also been concerned just with sewing God, without worrying about how to wait for and receive the coming Lord, for I had thought that serving God well would automatically give me the privilege of seeing the Lord. In fact, however, God's providence has been proceeding in a totally different direction from my faith and hope, and this posed no small difficulties for me.

Lord Jesus said that he would come like a thief to the faithful and make known the day of his coming to those who were awake, and I believed it literally, having no way to know any providential facts other than this. I did not know the truth at all until I heard the Unification Principle. I think there are many people on earth and in the spiritual world who think the same as I used to, and so I obviously have the responsibility to bring them the knowledge of the True Parents. I strongly feel that it is my mission to connect them to the True Parents through spiritual works. I think, however, that it is very difficult to start a spiritual work if there is no relationship whatsoever between people on earth and people in the spiritual world. If earthly people are nonchalant about spiritual phenomena, it makes the job very difficult. Just like Dr. Lee, I thought that sending St. Augustine's confessions from the spiritual world to the people on earth might facilitate spiritual work for the people on earth and in the spiritual world. In any case, I believe that God's grace comes only when the people on earth and in the spiritual world make efforts to live lives of truth in their respective realities.

So I will concentrate on bearing witness to the True Parents in the spiritual world. When you focus on the Christian ecumenical movement on earth, I will visit and work with the people on earth who have the suitable circumstances and backgrounds and help your ecumenical work yield splendid fruits. Through such cooperation between heaven and earth, I want to resolve my sorrow of not having been able to receive the True Parents on earth. I wonder if this answer is satisfactory to you.

April 1, 2000

(6) Our True Parents desire that you return to earth to Protestants as well as Catholics to bear witness to the True Parents, and what do you think about this?

If Catholicism and Protestantism are God-centered churches that respond to the divine call, there must be many clergy members and devotees who have been waiting all their lives for the One who is to come. It is very difficult, however for me to move their hearts towards the True Parents through the work of earthly return. It is impossible to achieve it just through my spiritual work in the spiritual world. There is a preliminary condition necessary before it can happen: a relationship of mutual exchange between activities of people on earth and people in the spiritual world must be established. Without such a relationship, it seems that the job is very difficult to do. Nonetheless, if it is what the True Parents desire, I will try to make it possible through all the channels available.

First of all, for this, the Protestant and Catholic groups must unite and form a group in the spiritual world that naturally bears witness to the True Parents. The members of this group can return to the people on earth with whom the members have a common base. Some members of this group can also help behind the scenes where you are working. So you will have to prepare a foundation for their operation on earth; if that happens, then I will mobilize the group in the spiritual would to that place, hearing about the meaning and direction of your earthly activities and explaining it to them. Thank you very much for giving me new material and inspiration with which to carry out my activities here in the spiritual world.

April 3, 2000

(7) If our True Parents are the Parents of Heaven and Earth, our most urgent task is to save Protestants and Catholics through them, and we should assume our portion of responsibility for this. What do you think about this?

Lady Kang! You keep pressing me with the same question, but my heart is unchanging. When I know the fundamentals of faith, just because the right path is lonely and stormy, can I take another route? I will give my utmost to try to save them, although I feel that I am doing this very late.

However hard I may try, however, I would not be able to do the job as well as the Unification family members and leaders who have been serving the True Parents on earth.

If they come to know the motivation of my conversion of faith, they might be able to refresh their own faith. When I came to know God, insuppressible fire and courage rose up in my heart, and this is why I have been able to live for the sake of God only.

Unfortunately, however, it was only after I shed my physical body that I came to understand the true will of God and became reborn to a new dimension in the process of the providence of restoration. If someone on earth recognizes me, then I will confidently appear to them and convey God's will to them. I have a genuine desire to transmit with all my strength the incredible content of the Divine Principle and announce the appearance of the True Parents and the Parents of Heaven and Earth. I am going to become crazy for it. Now that I have seen the troubles faced by the True Parents, who must resolve the sorrow of God, who has been waiting and enduring throughout the providence of restoration, and must bring conclusion to the grief-ridden history, I will never turn a coward in the place of suffering or disgrace the name of St. Augustine.

(8) You should help turn Christianity on earth into the religion of the True Parents, and now that the Federation of the Cosmic True Parents has been organized, we should stage a great revolution to transform heaven and earth while our True Parents are living on earth. What is your opinion about this?

The Christians hope of life is to receive the Christ at the Second Advent. They always harbor this dream as the fundamental basis of their faith. Rev. Moon has come as the Christ and True Parent and already had his eightieth birthday, and yet most of the truthful believers having no idea about his coming or his being the True Parent, still eagerly await the day of Christ's coming with prayers every morning and evening and services every Sundays. This is the reality of the Christians.

Contrary to their stubborn belief, just like Jesus, Christ at the Second Advent had to be born in the flesh to be able to save people, and yet they are only thinking about the Christ who will come on the clouds of heaven. Hence, it is very hard for me to change their ways of thinking. Considering the era of Jesus, when he was supposed to come on the clouds, and this era, Christians might be able to reason that the returning Christ cannot but come in the flesh rather than on the clouds. However, it would be almost unimaginable to them that the Christ has come in Korea, a land so close to them.

Here in the spiritual world, there are many spirits who understand this reality and regret their old ways; on earth, however, people rely on their physical senses only, refusing to go beyond their narrow boundaries and recognizing and accepting no other way as greater then their own. This attitude is characteristic not just of Christians but also of other people of faith and even non-believers. Since this place is infinitely vast, everyone cannot but live according to their own position and their own opinion. If they manage to go beyond such narrowness and stand in the position of God's children, however, their views and vision will surely expand widely. If they come to live in God's light, they will be able to understand what they have been unable to before, and become very quick in catching the reality.

As they compare the events occurring in such an environment and their old bodily lives, they will be able to discover their mysteriously changed selves. Moreover, as their self-realization in God's light confirms their progress, their attachment to earthly joys will disappear. In fact, what happens on earth and what happens in the spiritual world are causally connected, and thus they are supposed be known to us, and yet now, their relationship is cut off; this is why I am giving you such a detailed account. If the two worlds are to be united, they must go through a certain process. If the people on the same earth mostly fail to recognize the True Parents, how much more will the spirits, who are without physical bodies and living in a different world? There should be a common base if people on earth and people in the spiritual world are to work together so is it likely this can be realized easily, all at once in a morning?

Now is the Completed Testament Age, when, empowered by the merit of the age and the triumphant foundation of the True Parents, the spiritual world and the earth come close and become one. A huge number of spirits are being Blessed.

Furthermore, as you know, the True Parents have become the True Parents of heaven and earth, and thus can easily move the spiritual world with their word. Unlike the past, the stages of action on earth and in the spiritual world have radically changed. In order for a common base to be concretely laid between the two worlds, however, we need time.

When you say that we should transform heaven and earth while the True Parents are on earth, it comes to me as a heavy responsibility. I am not saying that it is utterly impossible. I would like to actively support the cause, investigating many different avenues of achieving it. Please, Lady Kang, pray constantly for this cause, for that will provide stepping stones for my spiritual work and a stage for my activity.

April 8, 2000

(9) Now, a very urgent time has come. You will have to consult and unite with many saints and people of wisdom in the spiritual world and return to earth especially to witness to the Christians about the True Parents. What is your opinion about this?

Both on earth and in the spiritual world, I have always lived in awe of God. However, there was one thing about which I always felt sorry in front of God, and this was my not having had a family to offer God. Although the basic principle of God decrees that we establish a family and return beautiful conjugal love to God, I did not achieve it. In this sense, I saw that I was not a dutiful son, although I even gained the title of St. Augustine. I went through a great deal of struggle because I could not solve this problem while knowing that I had to. Now, however; having received you as my wife through the True Parents' Blessing, I do not know how I can express my joy and amazement. From now on, I will maintain absolute obedience to God and strive to live according to the fundamental will of God; please watch how I live.

I have not yet become a Divine Principle lecturer, nor have I achieved a complete heartistic oneness with God. I am now centrally concerned with the question of how to grow beyond the position of a shameful child. Instead of just keeping the joy and excitement of the Blessing, should I not develop my abilities and achieve a heartistic harmony to do something for God with my unique talents?

Lady Kang, you have advised me to consult with the four great saints, but to be honest, it hurts my pride a little. Although I wholly exerted myself in the service of God, I still did not become one of the four great saints. So please do not urge me too much. I will try to keep the dignity of St. Augustine, while at the same time keeping my pride as your husband. In this vast place, we are to keep our own place and boundary in associating with others, and since I am not a leader of the group, in order to work with the four saints, I must go by a certain order that is set according to the ranks. Accordingly, it is not a matter of my discretion that I work together with the four great saints. At present, I think that this is still too early. As I become closer to them and build unity with their group, however, I will have to discuss with them about helping earthly people. Most of the Christians who follow Augustine are fond of unifying as one.

They are still new and unfamiliar with the Divine Principle lectures of President Eu and the Unification Thought lectures of Dr. Lee, and they will need to have endurance until they have grown away from such moods.

About helping the Christians, I have mentioned that several times before. I think your high expectation for me is desirable and natural. I am certain that your expectation will be realized, so please make many prayers for me. Please pray that I can soon stand in the front-line and that God's Holy Spirit can be with me. Thank you, Lady Kang. I will do my best in order not to disappoint you.

April 9, 2000

(10) On earth, you walked a road of tribulation for seventy-six years, and so God and True Parents remembered you and Blessed you with me, despite my unworthiness. From now on, experiencing gratitude in mind and body, why do we not work together, you from the spiritual world and I from earth, to liberate and comfort God and bring joy to our True Parents?

Although I served only God in my life on earth, after I understood the Divine Principle, I could not help feeling ashamed and unworthy. First of all, I felt so before the heart of God, who had to lead the providence of Restoration.

As I thought about the sorrow and suffering of God that He had to experience after the creation of His children, I felt so sorry for my past life, when I did not know the Principle.

When I learned through the Principle about the relationship between human beings and God after the fall, Adam and Eve's motivation behind the fall, and so forth, I felt so embarrassed about my title, St. Augustine, and felt as if I was a sinner. Since I have not yet become one with God's heart, whenever God comes to me as a light, I shiver with fear. What should I do to be able to experience the grief-ridden life of God and stand as a child before the Messiah, who has come to save humanity? Should I not carry out my responsibility, now that I have received the precious Blessing undeservedly and have realized the Divine Principle before others?

Also, it will be a great mission for us as a couple to offer God our conjugal devotion and beauty. Let us fill the emptiness of our past and present defects with our practice of true love. I would like to set my life goal as practicing true love. Although I am a sinner who cannot be forgiven by God and the Messiah, I will consider myself forgiven and exert myself for the restoration of all Christians. I know that the great mandate I have received from you is not only to cherish and fulfill the grace of the Blessing but also to carry out my filial duty so as to be remembered eternally by the True Parents. I am truly grateful to you, and I will eternally keep this heart. This way, let us join our forces from earth and heaven in order to bring shining glory to God and True Parents.

(11) I have many defects in many aspects and have made many errors in my past life. I have not been able to walk the path of a dutiful daughter to the True Parents. So please give me your warm understanding and spiritual guidance.

Lady Kang, we are all sinners and wayward children who cannot appear before God and True Parents. Moreover I am unworthy of any woman as my wife, like you, Lady Kang.

However, I think that rather than lamenting and shrinking over our errors and defects, it is much wiser and desirable to follow the way of the child and try to remove the pain and sorrow Of our parents, thereby standing boldly in the position of the child where they originally hoped us to be. If we always agonize over our failings in the past, this will bring move pain to our True Parents' heart. Hence, if we boldly rise up and transcend our lamentations and anxieties, to walk the path of the true child before God and True Parents, would this not eventually make us genuine sons and daughters?

Since you have me as your husband despite my defects, with you I will no more talk about my defects and unworthiness, for doing so would not at all help me overcome myself. I do not wish to be stuck with my regrets and frustrations over the things of the past. Lady Kang! Let us worry about the future rather than the past, and seek opportunities to develop ourselves and study those materials so that we as a couple can turn our past faults into a shining offering and return glory to God. Since you have your body, please cover my portion of the duty to serve the True Parents and prepare a foundation on which I can provide spiritual help. This requires assiduous prayers and spiritual effort. Please help me be able to visit the earth and stay there always. I am sure you know what this means.

April 11, 2000

(12) I hope that you receive Dr. Lee's guidance and hear President Eu's lectures as much as possible In the spiritual world. How about studying the Divine Principle through this?

It was in a Divine Principle seminar held by the Unification group that I first encountered the Unification Principle. In this seminal; I heard the Principle lectures several times. This opened my eyes to some extent to the essential truth, and yet there were still quite a few lingering uncertainties. At that time, my heart did not open up so that I could ask questions. After a while, many of my problems were further resolved through several Unification Principle seminars and lectures, but my ultimate question still remained unanswered. I could not ask this question because my heart was not open. Although President Eu gave us impassioned Principle lectures here in the spiritual world, at that time I neither remembered the lecturer's name nor had an interest in the content. Little by little, however, his loyal heart and systematic presentation drew my interest to the Principle and opened my eyes to the new truth. On the other hand, Dr. Lee's Unification Thought lecture made possible a detailed understanding of the Principle. DR Lee's fine and detailed lectures and his humility and single-mindedness were something I truly wanted to take after.

When President Eu and Dr. Lee started giving lectures, they continued regardless of the situation of the audience. In this atmosphere, I discovered many new things. Both of them made me wonder how they could speak with so much wholehearted zeal and fascination with the content. Their respect and service toward their teacher their resonance with their teacher's heart, and their humility, kindness, and use of respectful speech in lecture struck me with great inspiration. I asked myself if I would have been able to speak with such a fire had I met Jesus in Bethlehem of Judea.

Through their lectures, I came to deeply understand the background of the age, the providence through parallel ages, God's hearts of hope, sorrow, and suffering, and so forth. Also, I came to understand a great deal about the value of the Blessing and rebirth. So I am truly grateful to Dr. Lee and President Eu. Also, through the true love of many Unification family members, including these two teachers, I have honestly experienced my heart boundlessly opening up and in passion. I am growing day by day in such an atmosphere.

I have seen a big difference between hearing a Principle lecture with my mind closed and hearing it with a determination to be a lecturer I am really fortunate to have understood the essence of the Principle even now. The more deeply I delve into Unification Thought, the more new things I discover about academic knowledge. Dr. Lee has a strong determination, and receives a great deal of love from God. I am learning from him as he serves God closely and consults with Him. In order to study the Principle deeply, I have to serve these two teachers closely. Lady Kang, do not worry about this. I will learn a lot from these two teachers as far as the Divine Principle is concerned. Always with gratitude towards God and True Parents, I will devote myself to the study of the Unification Principle.

April 12, 2000

(13) Especially, I beseech you to appear to the major leaders of Christianity by all means and witness to them about our God and True Parents and testify to the truth of the work of our True Parents.

It is the hope of God and True Parents that the earth and the spiritual world become one. I have clearly understood through the Principle, however, that their failure to be one has caused the prolongation of the providence and directly led to God's sorrow and agony.

Now, in order to connect the spiritual and physical worlds, the True Parents of heaven and earth and the saving Messiah is Blessing a myriad of spirits and transmitting messages to earth through Dr. Lee so that earthly people can have a clear idea of the reality of the spiritual world, where all human beings are to stay forever Since God has created us as an organic unity of the physical and spiritual selves, the physical and spiritual worlds must become one in this image. We should have seriousness before this absolute mandate. We must understand this fundamental principle to be able to live eternally in the original garden desired by God. If people on earth see and believe this, they will be able to truly feel that their family members, friends in faith, and relatives who have left for heaven are helping them from their eternal abode. Since this world is invisible, however; people on earth will disbelieve and doubt it. This is why our True Parents are providing an education in the spiritual world. If earthly people can see this, they will come to realize the truth of the True Parents' words and Unification Principle. Even without my bearing witness to the work of the True Parents, soon there will come a day when its truth is revealed to the whole world.

Seeing the importance of this, Dr. Lee is always communicating the reality of the spiritual world to earth by preparing textbooks. The content of these textbooks is true and factual. It will bring about a great change in the future. Since Christians do not know who Dr. Lee is, however they will respect and trust my influence more than words. In my opinion the truth is what clearly teaches people on earth the reality of the spiritual world and the fact that their eternal dwelling place is prepared in the spiritual world. The True Parents of heaven and earth are the Messiah, who moves freely between the spiritual and physical worlds and who should be upheld as the standard for absolute obedience in our lives. This Messiah instructed Dr. Lee to reveal the reality of the spiritual would, and Dr. Lee absolutely obeyed the Messiah's order, studied and analyzed the truth of the spiritual world, and prepared textbooks for the people on earth. Then, can we deny the truth Of this textbook, when it has been produced according to the Messiah's orders?

The countless words uttered by the True Parents on earth will be an eternal truth for humanity. Hence, we should spread this Unification Principle and the words of the True Parents to many Christians. I believe that the first-priority mission of earthly people is to widely disseminate the words of the living Messiah. What could be more urgent than this? In order to stage a revolution in the spiritual world, we need help from people on earth, and in turn an earthly revolution requires help from the spiritual world. But it is the people on earth who should take responsibility for the words spoken by the True Parents on earth. Lady Kang, the mission of our couple is to spread to the whole world, especially to the Christians, the three hundred volumes of True Parents' speeches and the thematically organized volumes of their speeches. As for my writings on earth, do not try to hold on to them because they will bring no substantial benefits.

Lady Kang! Let us invest ourselves into carrying out our mission from our given position. If Augustine works in the spiritual world and Lady Kang acts on earth, I am sure that miracles will happen in the spiritual world and on earth.

April 13, 2000

(14) You left many writings on earth, and many people in later generations have been enjoying them. If your work has differences from our Principle, however are you willing to correct your work?

Lady Kang! Until I became St. Augustine after going through the reckless life of my youth, I had no small difficulties. You must know it very well. Although I have never had arrogance as a great figure, however, I still would like to boast to anyone of my having been able to understand and serve God in my life. I would even dare to say that it was a life of high value. Also, I am highly proud of the fact that I could end my physical life in God's presence. After I came to understand the Divine Principle, however, what aches my heart most is that I had not been aware of God's heart of deep sorrow. My heart was intensely tormented by such facts as that God and we are inseparably bound as parent and child, that God has been suffering tremendously and endlessly since the human creation, and that He has been leading the providence to regain His children. What I have newly realized through the Principle is that it was Lucifer and his clique who caused this horrible tragedy against God and humanity.

I have thought that if I had known about this and, based on this knowledge, written in detail about God's heart of anguish and grief, the history of God's tears would have been shortened. As for my writings, however, I have no intention at all to revise them now, for they have meaning in themselves based on the circumstances of the age and my experience at that time.

Through the Principle, I have learned and experienced such things as God's heart of sorrow and pain, the value of the Messiah as the Savior of heaven and earth, the relationship between God and human beings, the relationship between human beings and nature, the human fall, and the providence of Restoration. Hence, based on this new experience and understanding, I would like to transmit new messages, with a heart of repentance over my erroneous past views on the universe, life, and the world. I wonder, however, whether this can be done properly, for, as you know, I have no body. And although this task is accomplished properly, I do not know how much the people on earth will trust it. But I will do my best in order to make it happen. I will analyze the materials for earthly people, especially the Christians, and prepare my message. I think this is the least Z can do for God and True Parents.

If I were to correct and rewrite my work done on earth in light of the Divine Principle according to your suggestion, it would not be a holy offering to God. Rather, if I faithfully record what I have newly felt and experienced in the spiritual world, this can be my candid confession of life and my pure offering to God. Only then, I think, will my message serve as an edifying insight for the people on earth just like the spiritual communications of Dr. Lee. Such a work will, I hope, be able to serve as a textbook that can enlighten many people with the knowledge of God and True Parents, and when earthly people enter the spiritual world, it can serve as a guide to lead them directly to the original place of God. Then, when the True Parents come to the spiritual world, would they not praise me, saying, Augustine, you have played a good part? In teaching the truth of the spiritual world, I would like to stand in a position to offer at least a small condition to the True Parents.

Lady Kang, now I would like to conclude answering your fourteen questions. I know that my answers fall short of satisfying you, but please understand that this is the best I can give from my current position. Please pray for me.

April 14, 2000

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