Essays Toward A Principled Economics - Mose Durst

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1. Principled Economics: An Introduction

2. Principled Economics and Benchmarking

3. A Virtuous Company

4. A Portrait of a Virtuous Entrepreneur

5. A Principled Economics Approach To Poverty

6. Alternative Fair Trade

7. Worker Ownership

8. A Review of Recent Literature on Economics and Religion, Business and Spirituality

9. Editorials

Essays Toward A Principled Economics

The Development of a Healthy, Productive and Mature Economic System

Mose Durst Ph.D.

Principled Economics Institute
2840 College Avenue, Suite E Berkeley, CA 94705

Dedicated to my colleagues, whose honorable and sacrificial work has been my inspiration: Laurence Baer, Gary Barker, Paul Daniels, Ambassador Lev Dobriansky, Kim Dodge, James Howell, John Novak, David Polcyn, Graham Simon, Matthew Strater, and in memory of Robert Ross

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