Chung Pyung Introduction - Gi Seong Lee- April 13, 2018

 Table of Contents

Introduction to the HJ Cheonwon Chung Pyung Providence (pdf)

1. The Formation Stage of the Chung Pyung Providence and the Preparation Process for the Growth Stage (pdf)

2. The Start of the Separation of Evil Spirits and the Ancestor Liberation and Blessing (pdf)

3. Heading to the Age of Automatic Works after True Father's Universal Seonghwa (pdf)

4. The Powerful Spiritual Works of True Family's Four-Position Foundation (pdf)

5. A Great Leap Forward for the Chung Pyung Providence following True Mother's Completion of Mourning Devotions (pdf)

6. Change in the Chung Pyung Providence and the Background of the Prayer-Wish Offering Ceremony for Restoration (pdf)

7. The proclamation of the Vision of HyoJeong Cheonwon (pdf)

8. The Establishment of Cheon Bo Won (Cheon Il Guk Genealogy Center) (pdf)

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