Orthodox -- Unification Dialogue -- Constantine N. Tsirpanlis Editor 1981

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First Conference — April 15, 1978

Man's Nature and Destiny: The Orthodox Christian Teaching As Conveyed By Icons and Hymns -- Constantine Cavarnos

Human Nature in the Unification View and In the Christian Tradition -- Sebastian A. Matczak


Second Conference — October 14,1978

The Orthodox View of Salvation -- Constantine Cavarnos


The Role of Jesus in Man's Salvation According To Unification Thought and Christian Tradition - Sebastian Matczak

Discussion 2

The Blessed Virgin's Place in God's Redemption According To the Church Fathers and Unification Thought -- Constantine N. Tsirpanlis

Discussion 3

Salvation As Restoration in Unification Thought -- Franz Feige

Discussion 4

The Heroic Code of Homer -- James Kleon Demetrius

Discussion 5

Orthodox -- Unification Dialogue -- Constantine N. Tsirpanlis Editor 1981

Conference series no. 8 First edition 1981 by The Unification Theological Seminary Barrytown, New York 12507

Distributed by The Rose of Sharon Press, Inc.
G.P.O. Box 2432 New York, N.Y. 10116

Library of Congress Cataloging number 80-54586
ISBN 0-932894-08-9

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