Explorations in Unificationism edited by Theodore T. Shimmyo and David A. Carlson

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The present volume comes to the reader in the hope that through these essays she or he may catch at least a glimpse, and hopefully an inspired vision, of the far-reaching implications of Unificationism and its applications. Herein one will find a collection of articles written by "Unification scholars" who, while being members of the Unification Movement, have received academic training in the West and have studied at some length in their areas of specialization. Many are graduates of the Unification Theological Seminary. Most have completed higher degrees at prominent universities, both in the United States and abroad. All are in the process of exploring and expanding the intellectual context of Unificationism in its relationship to the world of thought and action.

The essays vary considerably, but they share one thing in common: they are all explorations in Unificationism or Unification thinking. Each author has attempted to relate Unification thinking to his/her respective academic area in order to develop and express it in terms of the conceptual horizons of biblical studies, theology, inter-religious dialogue and encounter, philosophy, science and social science. Although the essence of Unificationism (which some might briefly define as "true love") remains unchanged, the way in which it is expressed and applied to contemporary societies can (and should) change. 

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