Explorations in Unificationism edited by Theodore T. Shimmyo and David A. Carlson

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Section 1 - SectionI Biblical and Theological Explorations

An Unificationist View of Scripture by Whitney T. Shiner

Unification Christology: A Fulfillment of Niceno-Chalcedonian Orthodoxy by Theodore T. Shimmyo

Understanding the Ideal of Marriage from a Dialectical Perspective: A Comparative Study of Schleiermacher and Unification Thought by Dietrich F. Seidel

Tough-Minded Eschatology in Charles Finney a Sun Myung Moon by Tyler O. Hendricks

Section II Interreligious Explorations

Emptiness and Heart: Two Ways of God? By David A. Carlson

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Unificationism: Sibling Rivalry or Harmony? by Anthony J. Guerra

Reflections of a Unificationist on Inter-Religious Relations by Frank F. Kaufmann

Section III Philosophical Explorations

Individuality and Relationship: A Unificationist View by Theodore T. Shimmyo

Reason and Heart: A Comparison Between Hegel's Philosophy and Unification Thought by Paul J. Perry

Towards a Unification Theory of Art and Beauty by Elizabeth E. Colford

Section IV - Scientific Explorations

Science and Unification Thought by Alison W. Byer

Psychology and Unification Thought by Jennifer P. Tanabe

Section V - Social and Practical Explorations

Labor, Language and Family: Unificationist Reflections on the Practical Condition s of Social and Moral Existence by Thomas G. Walsh

Genuine Monotheism and Inter-X Movements: H.R. Niebuhrian Analysis of the Unification Movement by Yoshihiko Masuda

Writing History and Making History: Practical Applications of Unification Thought's Theory of History by Michael L. Mickler

Mapping Knowledge: The Unification Encyclopedia Project by Andrew M. Wilson


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Explorations in Unificationism edited by Theodore T. Shimmyo and David A. Carlson

Unification Theological Seminary
Published by HSA-UWC 4 West 43rd Street New York, NY 10036
First Printing 1997
Cover and Book design: Jonathan Gullery
ISBN: 0-910621-86-1

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