The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1998

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God's Day Midnight Benediction (1/1/98)

Blessed Marriage and Eternal Life (January 23, 1998 - Welcoming ceremony for the victory of the Blessing of 40 Million Couples pdf)

True Parents' Birthday Speech (2/2/98)

Jejudo (March 1998 pdf)

The Family as a Textbook of Heaven (March 1998 - Raising Children in God's Will, Chapter One pdf)

The Unification Church Advocates Becoming a Saint (March 1998 pdf)

The Present Time Seen from the View Point of God's Providence (March 28, 1998 - Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book Twelve pdf)

The Completion of the New Heaven and Earth (4/1/98)

On The Occasion Of Arriving From Korea After 70 Days Away From America (4/4/98)

The Great Transition Point (4/7/98)

The Fruit of the Blessings (4/12/98)

Excerpts for talks on April 16 and 17, 1998 (4/16-17/98)

Gate of True Love (4/19/98)

Meeting with Unification Theological Seminary Graduates East Garden (4/19/98)

Meeting With UTS Graduates At East Garden (different version 4/20/98)

Sunday Sermon at Belvedere (4/26/98)

State Leaders Meeting at East Garden April 27, 1998

44th Anniversary of the Founding of HSA-UWC (5/1/98)

Sunday Sermon (5/3/98)

Proclamation of the liberation of hell and the opening of the gates of heaven (May 15, 1998 - Americano Hotel, Pantanal, Brazil pdf)

Comments on Arrival In Uruguay (5/16/98)

Prayer: Please receive this ceremony for this dedication and transition point (May 23, 1998 pdf)

Hoon Dok Hae and Sunday Sermon May 24, 1998

God is the Owner (Key Role Player) for All Existence and All Historical Events (5/26/98)

Prayer: The time has come to declare the liberation of humankind (May 26, 1998 pdf)

Father's Return to America from Brazil (6/5/98)

True Family And World Peace (6/11/98)

True Family and World Peace (Official version) (6/11/98)

True Family and World Peace (June 11, 1998 - Opening Banquet for the Convocation on the Family and World Peace pdf)

Let Us Build a New World (6/13/98)

Leaders Meeting for National Messiahs and American Church Leaders (6/14/98)

Original Adam's Home (6/14/98)

True Self, True Family, And True World Through True Love (6/28/98)

In Search of Giant Bluefin Tuna with True Father (Allan Hokanson - July 2015 pdf)

Meeting With Asian VIPs (7/17/98)

Training To Be A Follower (7/18/98)

The First 40-Day Workshop for World Peace and Ideal Families (July 22, 1998 - Sunhak Institute of History - Published July 2019 pdf)

Glorious True Family (8/9/98)

Declaration of the First, Second and Third Creators (August 21, 1998 The Third Declaration of the Seven Great Jardim Declarations pdf)

Declaration of the Accomplishment of our Destined Task (August 28, 1998 - New Hope Farm, Jardim pdf)

Declaration of the Family Sa Sa Jeol (4.4. Day) (September 8, 1998 - Kodiak, Alaska pdf)

Moon At Twilight (New Yorker Magazine 9/14/98)

Speech At The East Garden Arrival (9/17/98)

East Garden Report (9/20/98)

Father Addresses Members At East Garden (9/20/98)

Father's Meeting At East Garden (9/20/98)

Total Providential Conclusion (9/20/98)

Total Providential Conclusion (Unification News Version 9/20/98)

Speech to East Coast Members (9/21/98)

Speech to East Coast Members (More official version 9/21/98)

Prayer at the Ceremony for the Total Liberation of the People in the Spirit World (October 5, 1998 - São Paulo, Brazil pdf)

Prayer at the Ceremony of Liberation and Unification of All Spirits and the Entire Spirit World (October 5, 1998 - São Paulo, Brazil pdf)

Breakfast Meeting with four Japanese National Messiahs (10/26/98)

Father Speaks to National Messiahs (10/29/98)

Father Speaks to National Messiahs (10/31/98)

Father Speaks to National Messiahs (11/5/98)

The Proclamation of the Finishing of Restoration - November 6, 1998 (Sunhak Institute of History - November 6, 2019 pdf)

Hoon Dok Hae and Mobilization of Spirit World (November 10, 1998 - Gathering for Reading and Learning of God's Word and Mobilization of Spirit World pdf)

39th True Children’s Day Address (11/19/98)

39th True Children's Day Address (11/19/98 different version)

39th True Children's Day Address (November 19, 1998 official version)

Who Is He? A Book Of Prophecy (11/21/98)

Father Speaks to National Messiahs (11/28/98)

Understanding Life and Death (12/18/98)

Understanding Life and Death (December 19, 1998 - The Washington Times building, Washington, DC, USA pdf)

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